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Gironda Dips: Blow Your Chest Up With This Old School Dip Variation

Gironda Dips

When it comes to bodybuilding legends from decades ago you'd be hard pressed to find any as influencial and notable as Vince Gironda.

Gironda opened a gym way back in 1948 in North Hollywood, soon thereafter he gained the alias of "The Iron Guru" as he trained many of the greats from the Golden Era of bodybuilding (Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno for example) as well as a number of A list celebrities that needed to get jacked or shredded for upcoming movie roles.

Gironda didn't just prescribe the same old cookie cutter exercises, he obtained such extreme results with his clients but modifying exercises and implementing his own regime.

The 10x10 method.

The guillotine press.

The steak and eggs diet.

These all came from the mind of Vince Gironda.

A modified dip variation known as the Gironda dip was also among his inventions, designed to increase chest activation to build a thick, iron-plated chest.

Here's How To Perform Gironda Dips


First things first, you'll need access to a wide/V parallel bar to perform this modified dip variation, Gironda recommends using a pair of bars that're 33" wide (if you don't have access to such wide parallel bars just do the best with what you have).

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Begin by looking downward until your chin is resting on your chest.

Slightly round your back.

Bring your legs forward so your can see your feet directly in front of you while your chin is tucked down.

Lower yourself down while flaring your elbows out, go as deep as possible utilizing a slow tempo to put emphasis on the stretch.

Without jerking or bouncing around proceed to drive through the chest to power yourself back up to the start of the rep.

Ensure your elbows remain flared for the duration of your set (this will maintain tension on your chest).

Will Gironda Dips Wreck Your Shoulders?

If you've had any shoulder issues previously I'd recommend steering clear of the Gironda dip just to be safe.
If you've got healthy shoulders I personally don't see an issue at all with this exercise provided you're being very conscious of your form.

The catch-22 is the more you flare your shoulders the more emphasis will be placed on the chest, resulting in growth... flared shoulders are typically associated with bad form and shoulder injury.

Without a doubt stop performing Gironda dips if you encounter any shoulder pain whatsoever.

What's Your Take On This Dip Variation? Let Me Know Below!

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Scott J.
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