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Deadmill Sprints – The #1 Effective, Efficient Cardio Exercise

Deadmill Sprints - The #1 Exercise For KILLER Cardio Conditioning

Deadmill sprints are a no-so-common yet absolutely ass kicking form of cardio.

Want to burn the same amount of calories in 5 - 10 minutes as you would walking or jogging on the treadmill for a mindless 45 minutes? Now you can...

What Is A Deadmill?

deadmill sprints

A deadmill sprint is just like a regular interval sprint on a treadmill, however the treadmill is turned off/unplugged for the duration of this exercise - meaning you will be driving through your legs and pushing with your hands on the treadmills handles to get the belt moving.

Deadmill Sprints And HIIT

Yes, deadmill sprints are tough and are to performed with 100% effort for periods between 10 and 30 seconds.
depending on your level of fitness and the timeframe you're working with additional exercises to superset and rest time can be determined.

The BEST Deadmill Sprint Workouts (Try These!)


15 second deadmill sprint
30 second rest
Repeat x 8


20 second deadmill sprint
20 second rest
Repeat x 8

Do Deadmill Sprints Work On All Treadmills?

Yes, I have not encountered a treadmill that I haven't been able to perform deadmills on.
Simply turn off the treadmill via the power button or unplug the 3 pin power cord from the wall if necessary (check with your gym first!).

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Deadmill Sprint Progressions (Makin' It Harder)

Deadmill sprints are not easy - you simply need to adjust them to your current skill/fitness level, this can be achieved as follows:

  • Increase your sprint time and decrease your rest time
  • Add more intervals to your workout
  • Increase the incline of your treadmill

Note: Some treadmills will return to the flat position when turned off if they're currently on an incline.
In order to counteract this raise the treadmill to your desired angle and then pull out the power cable - if you turn off the treadmill gracefully (via the power button) it will return back to its flat state.

Can't hack the deadmill sprint? Check out my favourite alternative - jump rope HIIT.

What's Your Take On The Deadmill sprint? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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Scott J.
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