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10 True Tests Of Strength & Athleticism

How Strong ACTUALLY Are You?

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Since I've delved into more bodyweight, calisthenic and functional style training over the last year my perception of what strength actually is has changed drastically.
It's pretty commonly accepted in the gym by all the bros that whoever can put the most weight on the barbell, lower it down to their chest and power it back up for one rep is the strongest.

I would've agreed with that in the past, but here's the thing...

Your strength is relative to your bodyweight. If you're benching 80kg at a bodyweight of 60kg you're stronger than your training partner (pound for pound) who's bench press 1 rep maximum is 95kg at a bodyweight of 110kg.
It's all relative, a strong lift - be it a bench press, squat, deadlift or overhead press should be measured in relation to your bodyweight.

a 1x bodyweight squat isn't particularly impressive, but a 2x bodyweight squat, regardless of what your bodyweight is is a sheer feat of strength.

Ready to test out your strength? Give the following 10 tests a try.

Test Of Strength & Athleticism 1 - The Deadlift

Perform a deadlift with 2x your bodyweight on the barbell for at least 1 strict form repetition.

Test Of Strength & Athleticism 2 - The Squat

Perform a barbell back squat to at least parallel with 2x your bodyweight for 1 repetition.

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Test Of Strength & Athleticism 3 - The Box Jump

Jump off both legs (without a run-up) onto a box 50" or higher.

pause reps

Test Of Strength & Athleticism 4 - 3 Minute Push-Up Test

Perform as many push-ups with strict form in 3 minutes as possible, a solid combination of strength and endurance should see you hitting around the 100 mark.

Test Of Strength & Athleticism 5 - Row 2KM

Row 2000m on an indoor rower, aim for a sub 8 minute time. To keep this accurate across the board in terms of performance I'd recommend using a C2 rower.


Test Of Strength & Athleticism 6 - Pull-Ups

Find your 1 rep maximum with weighted pull-ups. Your pull-up is to be performed from a dead hang, pulling through your lats until your chin clears the bar.
Aim for +90lbs or more.

Test Of Strength & Athleticism 7 - The One Arm Push-Up

A big bench press 1 rep maximum is impressive, but the one arm push-up will test your chest, triceps and core like nothing else.
Aim for 10 repetitions per side.

Test Of Strength & Athleticism 8 - Weighted Pistol Squats

Perform as many reps as possible of the pistol squat with each leg while holding an additional 90lbs, either via dumbells or a kettlebell.

Test Of Strength & Athleticism 9 - L Sit Hold

Using either a pull-up bar or parallettes, assume a L sit position with your back straight and your leg straightened, out directly in-front of you.
Hold this position for as long as possible.

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Test Of Strength & Athleticism 10 -ATG Squat Hold

Hold an ATG squat position (without weight) for 10 minutes. Maintain a straight back and ensure you remain on your heels.
This is more althleticism and mobility than strength, however it deserves a mention in the 10 tests nonetheless.

What're Your Thoughts On The Ultimate Test Of Strength? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
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