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Should You Superset Biceps And Triceps?

Should You Superset Biceps And Triceps?

Supersetting biceps and triceps exercises provides an insane feeling, the 'pump' often leaving your arms feeling twice as big as normal.

I must admit, training them together and obtaining that skin tearing pump is addictive...

Whenever a fitness magazine promotes a new skin tearing arm workout or bicep blasting routine to add size and strength to your arms there's always supersetting involved.

1 biceps exercise and 1 triceps exercise.

Besides the elite feeling of the combined biceps triceps superset pump is there any merit to this form of training?

Are there actually skin tearing benefits to hitting a biceps and triceps exercise together?

Or is combining our biceps and triceps exercises together counterproductive?

Let's delve in.

The Truth About The Biceps Triceps Superset Workout

Having spent the last 9 years trying ever conceivable means of arm training I've found different results when performing singular arm exercises compared to when I superset both biceps and triceps.

The only time today I recommend supersetting biceps and triceps together is when you're either low on time and need to go through your arm workout in a hurry or if you're merely maintaining your arm progress.

For both strength and size gains you're far better off performing your exercises individually, regardless of how many years of experience you have in the gym.

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If you're completely new (less than a year or two) into your journey I wouldn't be supersetting biceps and triceps at all (regardless of how tight for time you are) as I'd deem this a more advanced training technique.

Supersetting Arm Exercises Results In Excessive Exertion

When supersetting biceps and triceps together the first few exercises may go well, however the sheer amount of exertion from going from a heavy close grip barbell bench press (triceps) straight into weighted chin-ups (biceps) takes it out of you, and reasonably quickly too. This excessive exertion generally results in the second half of your superset workout being performed at a relatively low intensity because you're spent.

The key to a great workout, regardless of what muscle group we're training or supersetting is about sustained intensity.
Being able to continue lifting heavy with consistent rest periods for the duration of the workout.

Lifting heavy and taking 2 minutes rest between supersets for the first couple of exercises before dropping the weight substantially and requiring 3 or 4 minutes of rest between supersets is not a great workout.

Building Arm Strength? You Need As Much Rest As You Can Get

If strength is one of your main goals then supersetting is without a doubt not the way you should be training to optimally hit your goal.

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Generally when performing superset workouts the rest between each superset is fairly short, as combining biceps and triceps is generally seen as a time-saving measure. Not only are supersets more fatiguing you'll find it takes far longer to get your heart rate down (which you won't have time to do if following relatively short rest periods between sets).
To get stronger we need to continue to apply progressive overload in the form of increased weight and increased reps, this is counterproductive to supersetting.

If you want to build an arm pump, supersetting is for you.

If you want to build sheer strength, it is not.

When Supersetting Form Often Gets Neglected

When we're fatigued or in a rush form is the first thing to go out the window.
Most guys in the gym will without a doubt compromise form before they drop the weight down.

Neglecting form (and allowing it to slip) means we're not going to be targetting and engaging the muscle correctly.

Neglecting form also places you at a far greater risk of injury, particularly when performing overhead triceps exercises - flaring elbows is a sure-fire way to get yourself injured.

Weak Points Often Remain Unaddressed

We all have weak points - certain muscle groups that're lagging behind in size, strength or both.
The best way to address a weak point is to increase the volume & intensity of the exercises that target it - for example if your biceps peaks are lagging you'll want to increase the time and effort spent performing close grip barbell curl variations as these place greater emphasis on the peaks of your biceps.

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Constantly performing superset-oriented workouts does not allow us the opportunity to really hone in on these weak points.

 Give My Arm Workout A Try...

Looking to add both size and strength to your arms? Give my arm workout below a try.
No need to superset or follow any fancy protocols - allow 1 minute rest between sets and ensure you're lifting a weight you can just lift for the prescribed number of repetitions.


Barbell Biceps Curl - 4 sets - 8 reps per set
Weighted Chin-Ups - 3 sets - 'till failure
Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl - 4 sets - 8 reps per set
Straight Bar Cable Biceps Curl - 3 sets - 10 reps per set


Dumbbell Skull Crushers - 4 sets - 8 reps per set
One Arm Dumbbell Overhead Extensions - 4 sets - 8 reps per set
Close Grip Barbell Bench Press - 3 sets - 10 reps pet set
V Bar Triceps Push Down - 3 sets - 10 reps per set

What's Your Take On Supersetting Arm Exercises? 

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