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Caribbean Solutions Self Tanner: The Best Tan To Accentuate Your Physique

Caribbean Solutions Self Tanner

A tan can make a hell of a difference.

Not only is a healthy glow more attractive than a pale white complexion it creates a bit of an illusion.

It makes you look leaner.

It makes you look more muscular.

Cuts become deeper.

A tan can make 12% body fat look like 10% body fat, meanwhile a pale gym-goer with a legitimate 10% body fat will look like they're holding more fat than the tanned 12%er.

Next time you see a before and after photo of a fitness transformation take note, self tanner is more often than not used in the after photo to exaggerate the results.

ShredZ do it.

Tim Ferriss (pictured above) does it.

It's Hard To Find A Good Self Tanner... 

There's a ton of self tanners on the market and the vast majority of those are useless.

Being extremely fair skinned with literally no hope of getting a genuine tan I've tried 'em all.

They're overpriced.

They contain a bunch of nasty chemicals.

They smell awful once you've put them on.

They make you look orange instead of tanned.

Enter Caribbean Solutions Beach Colours

While topping up on my daily vitamins (zinc picolinate, vitamin D3, fish oil etc.) I stumbled upon Caribbean Solutions Beach Colours.
I ordered a tub and decided I'd give it a go as I was a few weeks out from a studio shoot.

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I've probably gone through 10 - 12 tubs since then.

It doesn't smell.

It isn't loaded with toxic rubbish ingredients.

It doesn't stain.

All it takes is 2 days on, 2 days off.

Want to look good for an event or photoshoot? Or perhaps just want a glowing complexion because you can't get one naturally like myself?

Pick up some Caribbean Solutions Self Tanner and apply it as if were moisturizer before you go to bed two evenings in a row.


What's Your Take On Accentuating Your Physique With Self Tanner? Let Me Know Below! 


Scott J.
Scott J.
I’m SJ. I’m a fitness enthusiast and published author. I transformed my body from a skinny fat 135lbs with 18% body fat to a solid 192lbs at 8% body fat. I became qualified in a field I was passionate about. I founded several online businesses that allow me to pursue ideas and projects in my life that I am passionate about without having to constantly worry about money. I published several eBooks explaining the training and dieting techniques I used to achieve the body I have today. I learnt a plethora of new information on dieting and fitness by reading and applying what I read, to find out what does work and what doesn’t work, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed the health and fitness industry is full of non-sense claims and BS. I found out what was true and what worked for me and applied that knowledge. And you bet I had fun during the whole process.

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