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Writing for Peanuts by Matt Forney Review – A Newbie’s Guide To Making Cold Hard Cash Online Today

Writing For Peanuts Review

Writing For Peanuts: How To Make Easy Money On Fiverr is a short 24 page to the point ebook designed to get you making money online primarily writing articles for bloggers and the like.

After checking out and recommend one of Matt Forney's other books I was compelled to share my review on this one too.

I was intrigued to see how Matt had written this book as there’s a ton of internet marketers out there promising you the world in their ‘Fiverr cash cow millionaire in a week’ style books. Fortunately, Matt tells it how it is – you won’t make big bucks on Fiverr however it is a great start into your making money online journey, not to mention the writing skills you’ll develop along the way (which are very useful for blogging, copywriting, eBooks and more advanced methods of online hustling).

A brief quote from the Intro...

“This book will help you do that: set up Fiverr gigs that will make you money with little to no effort on your part. I began using Fiverr several months ago, running a number of gigs that have earned me a sum in the high three-figures since then. My methods are easily replicable and my gigs are so dead simple that anyone reading this book can pull them off.”

About a year ago I myself was quite big into Fiverr (I made it to a level 2 seller by writing reviews and short articles). Let me tell you, you don’t need any fancy skills to make it work.

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It’s no free lunch but it is EASY work for quick CASH.

Matt’s Writing For Peanuts book is comprised of 2 chapters, the first titled ‘Understanding Fiverr and Creating Gigs’ is designed to get you brainstorming and setting up your gigs on Fiverr to ensure they sell, with the enormous amount of gigs on offer on you need to draw attention and convey value to your prospective customers… in this chapter you will learn how.

After you’ve grasped the concept of Fiverr and gig creation/optimization Matt will take you through the basics of article writing – providing advice, samples and ideas for constructing well written and neatly formatted articles to meet your customer’s needs.

For only a few dollars Writing For Peanuts: How To Make Easy Money On Fiverr is a worthy investment (it’ll have paid itself off after you quickly sell your first gig!) to get you set up and making an online income from

Pick up a copy here.

Scott J.
Scott J.
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