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The Almighty Benefits Of Beetroot Juice For Gym-Goers

Beetroot Juice Is No Stranger To Athletes

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Benefits Of Beetroot Juice (Why YOU Should Start Juicing!)

In recent years the benefits of beetroot juice have finally caught on.
Endurance athletes, mixed martial arts fighters and bodybuilders are all starting to juice beetroots daily, quietly reaping the benefits that they hope their competition doesn't know about.

I used to supplement with some beetroot powder I purchased online a few years ago and to be honest it didn't do a great deal for me - I didn't tell anyone because I didn't really have much (positive or negative) to say about it.

In recent months however as I've dusted off my juicer and started making a clean, lean and green juice every morning as a post workout meal I've discovered the benefits of juicing beetroots.

When we're talking about juicing beetroots we're talking about you going out, buying some fresh beetroots and then juicing them yourself at home in your slow juicer.

No 'beetroot powders'.

No store bought beetroot juice loaded with sugar and preservatives.

We're talking about the real deal, take a few minutes out of your day to make some beetroot juice and you'll experience the benefits I've noticed over time such as...

Beetroot Juice Improves Endurance

Beetroot juice is a vasodialator, in other words - the nitric oxide found in beetroot expands our blood capillaries allowing increased blood flow through our body. The result? Increased endurance.

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Find yourself getting fatigued quickly when running, playing sport or lifting in the gym? Instead of paying for over-priced 'nitric oxide endurance powders' at your local supplement store opt to throw a beetroot or two in your juicer and get the endurance boost from beetroot as well as the nutrients too.

Beetroot Juice Increases Vascularity

Most gym-goers want to increase their vascularity - increased vascularity not only looks bad ass, but it also gives the illusion of looking leaner at a higher body fat. Now, vascularity is partly genetic - some guys have prominent vascularity at high body fat, while others even when they're relatively lean have little to no vascularity...

Beetroot juice, when acting as a vasodialator widens the blood vessels, making vascularity in your arms, abs and chest more prominent.

There's a number of other methods to increase your vascularity, check out my entire guide here on vascularity. 

Beetroot Juice Allows You To Absorb Supplements Better

Do you take creatine, citrulline malate, l-arginine or any other supplements? Take them at the same time as your beetroot juice.
As your

Beetroot Juice Recipes To Get You Started

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Beet Juice Recipe #1

1 apple
3 carrots
1 beetroot

Beet Juice Recipe #2

1 apple
1 beetroot
4 carrots
1 piece ginger

Beet Juice Recipe #3

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1 beetroot
1 pomegranate
4 carrots
1 piece ginger

Beet Juice Recipe #4

4 carrots
1 beetroot
1 lemon
1 apple
1 piece ginger

There's no right or wrong beetroot juice recipe, however the more experienced you become with juicing the less sweet fruits you should be using.
You'll find with beetroots and dark green leafy produce you'll find a relatively earthy, tart flavour apparent - it's not bad, but if you're used to drinking sweet beverages you probably won't be a big fan initially.

Apples are a great way to give your juice a bit of a sweeter flavour, slowly taper off the amount of apple you put in your juices, ideally removing it completely once your taste buds have adjusted.

Here's a few of the beetroot recipes I recommend trying, feel free to alter them slightly to suits your needs and taste.

What's Your Take On Beetroot Juice? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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