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4 Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Vascularity



Vascularity is an odd trait, those that have it don't particularly want it, meanwhile those that have very little when it comes to superficial vascularity are on an endless quest for more.
The key to increasing your vascularity isn't a pill or an exercise, it's no big secret.

Body fat, stored, retained water and a number of other factors I discussed are responsible for your vascularity (or lack thereof).

However, increasing your vascularity - just like any worthwhile endeavour takes time.

"SJ, what's the point of expending so much effort just to get a few more lines on my arms?!"

4 Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Vascularity


You'll Look Leaner At Higher Body Fat Levels

A relatively lean  (say 12%) physique with vascularity, particularly around the arms and shoulders will look leaner than a physique with little to no vascularity even when it's in the high single digit body fat range.
Vascularity gives the illusion of extremely low body fat when quite often it's a combination of minimal stored water weight, genetics and nitric oxide supplementation.

In bodybuilding competitions competititors often push themselves to the nth degree to increase their vascularity before they step onstage

You Won't Be Storing Water Weight

The layer between your muscles and your skin holds not only fat but also water too, this is known as water retention. The less water you’re holding under your skin the more pronounced your vascularity is going to be (provided you’re reasonably lean drying yourself out of water will make the biggest difference in your vascularity).

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There’s a couple of ways to go about reducing the amount of water your body is holding, the first is to drink a large amount of water 3 – 4 days before you want to be in your peak state (I’m talking 5L+ per day) before you cut your water down to next to nothing for the last day or two, this strategy will flush out as much of the retained water as possible without resorting to the second method – diuretics and supplements which we will discuss shortly.

It’s also worth noting that your sodium intake plays a role in how much water you’re holding – consume less sodium and you’ll hold less water it’s as simple as that.

Water binds to carbohydrates as well, the more carbohydrates you’re consuming the ‘puffier’ you’ll look. Cut down on your intake of sodium and carbohydrates and your level of water retention will decrease.

You'll Likely Find You Have Increased Endurance

Vasodilator supplements are one of the go-to techniuques to increase your vascularity... these supplements work by increasing the diameter of your veins, not only does this increase the amount of superficial vascularity visible, the vasodilation will also allow blood and nutrients to flow more freely – increasing endurance, recovery and supposedly strength at the same time.

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Although I can't comment on strength gains as a result of vasodilator supplements I can say since I've been supplementing with the below two supplements and beet juice (loaded with nitrates) my endurance has increased when performing cardio as well as towards the end of my weight sessions.

Here are the individual supplements I recommend you take if increasing your vascularity and endurance  is your primary goal.

Arginine (Vasodilator)

L-Arginine Vascularity

Citrulline (Vasodilator)

 L-Citrulline Vascularity


It Looks Badass


There's no doubt that a well built physique when paired with roadmap vascularity looks badass as hell.
Take the photo above of Sylvester Stallone for example, it commands respect.

What's Your Take On Vascularity? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
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