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New World Ronin Review

New World Ronin by Victor Pride

If you have $1 left in your bank account you can't afford to not read this book, if you've got $1,000,000 in your bank account you can't afford to not read this book...

Self-Made and Self-Paid...

Victor Pride's latest book, New World Ronin is essential reading for those that want to take charge of their life.
Working from 9 'till 5 every day while spending the few free hours available watching television and whinging about the situation at hand is the way of the ghost.

New World Ronin will drag your ass out of the ghost mentality and set you on the world of the Ronin... the self-made and self-paid, self-reliant warrior.

Some believe 'the good life' merely comes down to having a colossal amount of cash in your bank account, as Victor Pride explains this is not the case. To become complete, to become the New World Ronin you must cultivate the 3 pillars of greatness.

  • You MUST build your brain (acquire skills and knowledge that can't be found in books, build mental toughness)
  • You MUST build your body (build a lean and mean spartan-like physique that both looks and performs)
  • You MUST build your business (become self-sufficient, do not rely on anyone else for your pay cheque)

You Must Move Forward (Build Your Snowball of Momentum)

You are only defeated when you stop.
You will never stop.

You will only grow and thrive when you're moving forward.
You will never stop moving forward.

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Momentum is built over time, by taking action and building upon your results and previous actions.
It's easier to keep going than it is to stop.
You will never stop.

Be ready to deflect

The Battle Is Won Or Lost In The Mind

If you think you can, you can.

If you think you can't, well you're right...

You must forge mental toughness to endure the tough times, as when you're mentally tough you will not see them as tough times,
You will persevere and push through, you will merely see them as another day - only upon reflection will you see these times as tough (and you'll look fondly upon them instead of whinging and complaining as the weak do when tough times strike).

You Must Build A War Room

Creative thinking and long hours are key when it comes to building your business and building your destiny - you can't perform quality work in a room full of distractions, nor can you perform quality work and harness the energy of your surrounds in an empty room full of plastic furniture.

Mr Pride will show you have to build a war room (or laboratory) resembling the islands and the jungle, ensuring your comfortable enough to get focused and get the work done.

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Pick Up Your Copy Of New World Ronin Here.

Scott J.
Scott J.
I’m SJ. I’m a fitness enthusiast and published author. I transformed my body from a skinny fat 135lbs with 18% body fat to a solid 192lbs at 8% body fat. I became qualified in a field I was passionate about. I founded several online businesses that allow me to pursue ideas and projects in my life that I am passionate about without having to constantly worry about money. I published several eBooks explaining the training and dieting techniques I used to achieve the body I have today. I learnt a plethora of new information on dieting and fitness by reading and applying what I read, to find out what does work and what doesn’t work, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed the health and fitness industry is full of non-sense claims and BS. I found out what was true and what worked for me and applied that knowledge. And you bet I had fun during the whole process.

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