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Jacobs Ladder Perth: Build Cardio & Mental Toughness With 242 Stairs

Jacobs Ladder Perth

If you're in Perth and looking for a solid workout that'll build your cardio endurance, mental toughness and leg development you'd be hard pressed to find a better option than Jacobs Ladder.
242 stairs (a 43 metre descent) connecting Kings Park with the River.

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars a year for a gym to build mental fortitude and cardio endurance, all you need is the discipline to get yourself to Jacobs Ladder, sitting atop Cliff Street.

Before we delve into specific workouts for Jacobs Ladder (or any set of stairs for our international readers) let's take a little look at the history of these notorious stairs.

The History of Jacobs Ladder

In 1909 a straight set of stairs (unlike the current Jacobs ladder with platforms between staircases) was constructed due to the demand of locals wanting an easy route to get from the top of Cliff Street to the bank of the river below.

Originally the plan was to construct a road, but the far more cost effective option was a set of stairs - coming in at the total price of £171.00 for 274 jarrah steps.

These 274 jarrah steps lasted until 1961 when they were deemed unsafe to climb, this lead to the construction of the 242 concrete spiralling staircase that stands atop Cliff Street today.

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Over the last few years a few touch-ups to the handrails and landings seperating each staircase has taken place, but the ladder pictured above and below is as it was constructed in 1961 (which came in at a cost of £7500.00.

Here Are Some Of The Big Benefits From Running Jacobs Ladder...

Burn A TON Of Calories

Stair sprints, or any form of HIIT cardio for that matter burns a ton of calories and fast provided you're keeping your intensity high.

A published Colorado University study by A. Tremblay compared participants doing either 20 weeks of steady-state aerobic training or 15 weeks of HIIT consisting of 15 sprints for 30 seconds each. The HIIT group, in five weeks less time, lost nine times more body fat and 12 percent more visceral belly fat than the aerobic group. In 2008, E.G.Trapp did a similar study, published in the "International Journal of Obesity," comparing steady state exercise, or SSE, to HIIT and found the HIIT group to have significantly higher reductions in total body fat, subcutaneous leg and trunk fat, and insulin resistance.

Increase Leg Strength & Drive

Stair sprints are working against gravity - particularly with steep stairs, the drive through your quads required to forge your path up the stairs will build both power and strength in your quads. When returning to the bottom of the stairs your muscles, tendons and ligaments are also forced towork hard  via eccentric contractions -  your knee bends to absorb the impact, breaking your speed and keeping your knee from collapsing too far.

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Increase Your VO2 Maximum

Sprinting up stairs is immensely more challenging than a regular sprint on a track. Our VO2 maximum (the highest rate at which our body is able to consume oxygen while performing a strenous activity) is increased only by challenging ourselves and forcing our body to push our heart and lungs to their limits. This increase in your VO2 maximum will transfer over to increased performance in other forms of lifting, cardio and sports.

Requires Engagement And Focus

Running in a straight line on a treadmill or jogging around a track can be quite monotonous as you're able to essentially go on autopilot.
Stair sprints are fast and require focus and attention as the rounds are extremely short and the drive and foot coordination required to properly navigate the stairs without tripping over or hurting yourself leaves you with no time to enter that usual cardio autopilot mode.

This engagement makes stair sprints challenging and fun to do!

Improves Footwork And Agility

Sprinting up stairs requires coordination, speed and drive.
After performing a regular regime including stair sprints you'll find your agility and footwork in other disciplines (sports, hobbies) has increased and that running on flat seems far easier.
The sheer incline and power required to negotiate a steep set of stairs is often underestimated.

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Improve Mental Toughness

Interval training in general is tough, and stairs just seem to take it to that next level. Setting a goal, whether this be the number of rounds or duration of workout and gritting your teeth until your done will increase your mental toughness as you force yourself through that which you said you were going to do.

My Training Tips When It Comes To Stairs

Step On Every Other Step

To ensure correct running technique, including speed and stride length step on every second step.

Utilize Your Entire Body

Don't maintain a stiff torso while running, engage the whole body.
When you're utilizing your arms etc. you'll sprint faster and increase your heart rate further.

Don't Lock Out

Drive through your quads as your push yourself up the stairs, but do not lock out (completely extend) your legs as this places unnecessary stress on your knees).
Maintain a slight bend and semi-flexed quads while you sprint the stairs.

Alternate Stride Width To Activate The Posterior Chain

Take wide, long strides from time to time to activate your posterior chain.
Constantly taking small strides will place the emphasis on your quads and will not include hamstrings and glutes etc.
Run On Your Toes

When running consciously ensure you're landing on and pushing off of your toes - Don't run flat footed or through your heels.

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Jacobs Ladder Sample Workouts

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Use a timer, perform constant drills and rest for predetermined intervals (on = sprint, off = walk).

20 seconds on/20 seconds off for 10 rounds

10 seconds on/10 seconds off for 10 rounds

30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 10 rounds

Tabata (8 rounds of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off)

Max Rounds

Set a timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and perform as many rounds of the stairs within this time frame.

Turn Based

With your training buddy take it in turns completing one up-down of the stairs.


Create a circuit utilizing the stairs along with other functional speed/explosive movements such as the jump rope and box jump.

What's Your Take on Perth's Jacobs Ladder? Let Me Know Below!

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