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Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All

Fatigue is a killer.

A killer of champions, a killer of great minds, a killer of opportunity and a killer of confidence.

We're all willing to commit to the tasks on our to-do list when we're feeling energized and fresh in the morning, but as the day goes on and as we begin to feel that slight bit of fatigue kicking in things tend to take a dive. We no longer have that iron willpower, we're not looking concerned about conquering those goals or reaching that proverbial finish-line.

We just want comfort.

The quote "Fatigue makes cowards of us all" embodies just this. With fatigue comes our resignation.

Whether this quote was said by Vince Lombardi or General George Patton is still argued to this day, but that's a minor detail.

The key is to understand the quote itself and conquer fatigue.

The man that crosses the finish line of the elite wave of Spartan Race understands this quote, the serial entrepreneur grinding away for hours on end understands this quote.

You must not let fatigue take control of your thoughts and your decisions.

"I had a long day at work, I'm tired... I'll hit the gym tomorrow."

"I said I'd write 2,000 words today but I've hit 1,200 and I'm exhausted... I'll make up for it tomorrow..."

Fast forward to tomorrow. It's a repeat of the exact same feelings and the exact same excuses.

The Coward Operates On Feelings Based Decision Making

Losers make their decisions based upon their feelings, specifically how they’re feeling at the time the decision is presented in front of them.

They don’t care about their values, because they probably don’t hold any strong enough to override their current state, their current feelings.

If they’re motivated they might do the task at hand, but if they’re tired? Forget it.

To Be A Winner You Must Use Value Based Decision Making

The winner makes their decisions based upon their values. They know they’re not always going to ‘feel’ like doing what they need to do, but before they allow their current state dismiss or blow off an opportunity or task that they should be pursuing they fall back to their values. They value the outcome of the task so they do the damn thing.

If the winner is tired or feeling down but they’ve got the opportunity to better themselves, to take a step in the direction that is their goals you can beat your ass they’re going to say yes and do it 10 out of 10 times.

Examples Of Fatigue Taking Control (Don't Fall For These, Remember Your Values!)

Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All, You Must Rise Above

Hitting Snooze Vs. Waking Up @ 5am

It's the early hours of the morning... this is your chance to get ahead.
Research has proven our willpower and decision making abilities peak in the early morning... but you're ever so comfortable in bed and don't want to face the day.

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The coward hits snooze and continues to sleep...

The winner pushes aside any mental or physical fatigue and starts kicking ass - as he values his productivity and hitting snooze is the killer of opportunity & productivity.

Going To The Gym After A Busy Day

It's been a rough day at work, the boss has been hounding you all day and you can't wait to get out the door for the day... you promised yourself you'd hit the gym on the way home from work but you didn't expect such a testing day.
The loser submits to the rough day and goes home to eat and drink comfort food as it'll make him feel better. The winner goes to the gym as he knows doing what he said he will do feels better than any processed foods ever will.

Being Offered Junk Food While In A Cutting Phase

A friend offers you some food that you know will de-rail your diet and sabotage your caloric deficit.
Do you give in and eat it since decision fatigue has wrecked your willpower for the day? Or do you use your values based decision making to deny the offer, opting to stay on track with your diet?

What's Your Take On The 'Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All' Quote? Let Me Know Below!

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Scott J.
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