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How To Get Naturally High: 5 Methods To Get High Naturally And Feel Euphoric

How To Get Naturally High

When the discussion of getting high comes up the first thoughts are generally that of snorting, shooting up and illicit drugs...

Today we're looking at 5 methods to get high naturally that won't derail your life or ruin your health.
Whether you're feeling down or just want to elevate your current state I can personally always count on the following 5 techniques to elevate me to that next level.

#1 - Run

Running is the ultimate way to clear your mind and relieve stress. After a period of fairly intense running the ‘runners high’ kicks in.

This feeling, unlike any other is a euphoric feeling that allows us to think faster from my experience.

Problems, issues and thoughts run through your head far quicker and are easier resolved. Sitting around at home or in your office in frustration racking your brain will 99% of the time not lead to the result or solution you desire.

Get moving and your brain will too.

#2 - Breathe Deeply!

99% of the population does not know how to breath correctly, they take short, shallow breaths.

Deep, controlled breathing evokes calmness, confidence and strength.

Inhale deeply into your belly, then slowly breath out – don’t only breath into your lungs – breath into your belly!

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#3 - Take A Cold Shower

I attribute cold showers to many of my successes in life. The uncomfortable act of forcing your body to withstand the freezing cold temperature of the water gushing out of your shower as the faucet is turned as far to the ‘cold’ side as possible is not only invigorating, but also provides many health and well-being benefits for men.

Most men are unaware of the benefits of cold showers and miss out on an EASY way to improve their life!

Improved Hair & Skin

Warm showers, although enjoyable and relaxing, offer no tangible benefits to our hair and skin—unlike cold showers. The cold water from your shower will result in the tightening of pores and cuticles, which aids in detoxification (as bad toxins are essentially squeezed of out your skin during this process). During a cold shower our hair cuticles are also closed, resulting in stronger hair.

Increased Testosterone

With an increase in testosterone levels, cold showers can turn you from a weak little boy into a man. In 1993 a study was conducted by the Thrombosis Research Institution of England which identified a correlation between individuals who take cold showers regularly and higher testosterone levels.
Although this rise in testosterone may not equate to instant increases in lean muscle mass, I can certainly attest to cold showers increasing both libido and overall energy levels.

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Aids Post Exercise Recovery

Exposure to cold water and ice are known to reduce soreness and increase muscular recovery after strenuous exercise. This is why many elite athletes take ice baths. The logistics and process of setting up an ice bath is a handful—instead opting to take a more convenient cold shower will provide a similar boost in the recovery process after exercise.

Relief of Depression

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine performed a study that suggests regular cold showers assist in battling depression. The “blue spot” of the brain is said to be stimulated by cold water therapy. This is due to noradrenaline, a chemical in the brain that has been linked to the mitigation of depression.

Increase in Discipline

There is no greater discipline-builder than the cold shower. Our body can withstand the cold water without a problem, but the mind will quickly want to abort and get you out of there. If you start your day with a 3-5 minute cold shower, I guarantee you that you will not be making excuses or delaying other tasks you have been avoiding undertaking. Instead, you’ll be setting the tone for a successful day.

Insane Levels of Energy & Invigoration

After stepping out of the shower you’ll feel like you’ve just ingested a double-shot espresso. Regardless of how lethargic you’re feeling in the morning, the moment that ice cold water hits your skin your heart and breathing while dramatically increase. As your body attempts to adapt to the situation at hand you’re left feeling completely energized.

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#4 - Listen To Binaural Beats

Binaural beat meditation is fantastic method that you should experiment with.

Binaural beats work by playing two different frequencies to each ear, whether you choose to listen to these beats while meditating or thinking deeply you'll be left feeling amazing with increased focus and productivity as a byproduct.

In order to reap the benefits of binaural beats you MUST listen to them through headphones

#5 - Spend An Hour In Sensory Deprivation

“What would happen to my mind if I freed myself from physical stimuli?” Dr. John C Lilly – creator of the first float tank in the 50’s

To be honest I didn’t have any big expectations going into the sensory deprivation tank, after reading about out of body experiences, hallucinations and the like I was skeptical.
The tank I have floated in, the Dream Pod has a lid that can be left open, music and LED lighting which by default slowly morphs between an array of colours… I normally leave the lid open, the lights on and the music playing for the first 5 – 10 minutes of my float before closing the lid, turning off the music and switching the light off – transcending into absoulute nothingless.

There’s no other experience I can use to describe the feeling after 10 – 15 minutes in the float tank, your arms, legs, torso and neck are almost as if they are no longer there – it’s just you and your mind in outer space.
Until you’ve been in one of these tanks you probably haven’t heard dead silence before… the only sound being that of your heart beating, which in a dead silent place sounds incredibly loud should you choose to focus on it.

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The relaxation, muscular recovery and creative thinking I’ve achieved while floating keeps me going back for more, although particularly in Australia with there being only a few locations to float, an often booked out list to get in a pod and the cost of floating due to both of these other factors it’s something I’ll continue to do semi-regularly, although not as often as I’d like.

If you haven’t given it a try and where interested either before or after reading this article go ahead and give it a try!

Studies On Float Tanks & Sensory Deprivation

Don’t believe the hype? Here’s what science has to say about sensory deprivation…

A 1999 research study, during floatation there is an increase in the theta waves in our brain. Theta waves have been shown in other studies to be activated by meditation. They are also the brain waves active during REM sleep and the drowsiness immediately before and after sleeping.

As well as increasing positive theta brain waves, floating has been shown to reduce unwanted negative activity in the body. According to the same 1999 study, “Plasma and urinary cortisol, ACTH , aldosterone, renin activity, ephinephrine, heart rate, and blood pressure, all directly associated with stress, consistently decrease.”

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A 2001 study found spending time in the floatation tank showed a strong ability to reduce severe pain, increase optimism, and decrease anxiety and depression. In addition, study participants fell asleep easier following floatation tank treatment and experienced a higher quality of sleep.

an analysis in 1997 of well over 1,000 descriptions of sensory deprivation indicated that more than 90% of subjects found it deeply relaxing.

In 2000, one such study found that volunteers’ visual cortexes became more active after less than an hour of visual deprivation.

. A small study of five university professors found that six 90-minute float sessions allowed them to generate more “creative” ideas, which coincided with a self-reported increase in free imagery and remote associations. Similarly, in a study with 40 university students, a single hour of flotation increased their scores on a standardized test used to measure creativity.

What's Your Take On These 5 Methods On How To Get Naturally High?

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