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Benefits Of Nunchaku Training

Nunchaku Training

Nunchaku, often called nunchucks are badass.

Whether you've seen them being used in a dojo or on the big screen with Bruce Lee you'll agree that there's an immense level of skill required to master the nunchaku, and that's what makes it an art.
From the ancient ninja days of nunchaku and shuriken (throwing stars) during which time these weapons were used to conquer your adversery to today, in which time nunchaku are still very well alive, and there's a number of great benefits as to why you too should learn how to handle a pair of nunchucks...

Benefits Of Nunchaku Training

Improved Concentration

You'll never master the nunchaku if you're lacking concentration.
The concentration you exert and build via nunchaku training will translate over into your lifting and productivity outside of fitness.

Improved Coordination

Strikes, catches and swings - even as a very beginner will test and build upon your hand eye coordination, if you're an athlete this will translate to increased coordination on the sporting field.

Strength & Conditioning Gains

Once you've got a few basic strikes, spins and catches mastered you'll really begin to work up a sweat as you piece them together into drills - your heart rate will climb through the roof and you'll find yourself getting in a great cardio workout while loosening up your wrists and working your forearms.

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Working The Creative Mind

Nunchaku training is a form of art, once you've learnt the basic strikes and catches along with some beginners drills and combinations you'll be able to work in your own moves and exert your own creativity.
Not only is this a great way to get the brain thinking and coming up with new ideas, both related to your training and otherwise you'll find yourself relieving stress and overcoming other obstacles as you swing your nunchaku swiftly around your body.

Practising Persistence 

You may have mastered bodyweight movements or jump rope, but once you pick up those nunchaku it's back to square 1.
You'll be humbled as you slowly but surely learn new moves, increase your coordination and play techniques together into drills.

You'll be able to once again set yourself goals and deadlines to keep yourself accountable, and as always if you persevere you'll achieve mastery of the nunchaku in time.

Learning To Defend Yourself

Nunchaku are not just for show (although the foam nunchaku I recommend training with are harmless) the nunchaku can be used for striking (the most basic strike you'll learn is the forward strike to the clavicle).
Along with offensive strikes the nunchaku can be used to immobilize your attacker by locking and constricting joints and movement patterns.

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Here Are The Nunchucks I Use & Recommend

High quality and inexpensive, check them out here.

Getting Started With Nunchaku Training

After working my way from barely being able to swing a jump rope to performing one legged double-unders and cross-over double-unders I decided I needed a new challenge, something that allowed a similiar style of progression that required focus and would improve some of my functional skills (such as coordination). I decided upon the nunchaku and promptly ordered a cheap practise set online.

You can take classes or you can teach yourself - that's my course of choice for learning how to use the nunchaku.

Pick yourself up a foam pair for starters here and dive head first into a series of beginner tutorials on YouTube like those below.

What's Your Take On Nunchucks And Nunchaku Training? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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Scott J.
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