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Stickability Book Review: The Power of Perseverance

Stickability Book Review

What does it take to strike success? Ask 10 people and you'll likely get 10 different answers... you'll hear things like smarts, luck, being in the right place at the right time, knowing the right people...

But what about perseverance? Without perseverance, the ability to stick to one end state goal regardless of the magnitude of road blocks, failures and people telling you 'no!' along the way.
The Edison's light bulb, Microsoft Windows, WD-40, Virgin Airlines... none of these monumental accomplishments would've come to fruition if it wasn't for perseverance.

As Virgil said “Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.”

The Napoleon Hill Foundations' book, Stickability delves into the keys to attaining the relentless mindset required in order to charge towards your goals, regardless of how much adversity you encounter along the way.

Hell, when it comes to chasing your goals I'm all about specific information.

If you want to transform your physique you must know how to train properly and how to diet correctly.

If you want to start an online business you must know copywriting, SEO, custom acquisition etc.

But all the information in the world won't do you any good if you quit at the first sign of adversity.

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You must learn to build perseverance, Stickability will teach you how.

Matt Fitzgerald covered this as one of his key points in Diet Cults, stating that a person that’s motivated to lose weight is bound to succeed regardless of what diet they choose, at the same time the individual with all the knowledge but none of the motivation to succeed will never succeed. Diet cults will never tell you that motivation is the key to dieting success as that won’t sell their book or recipe guide! This is known as the dieting ‘knowledge barrier’ and it’s largely false.

Stickability: The Power of Perseverance Key Points

The Three Causes Of Failure

The inability to get along with other people

When you've got an audacious goal it takes more than a single person to achieve it.
You can be knowledgeable and have money, but if you lack the skills to get along with others you're going to find attaining your goals that much harder.

Develop your own personality and show interest in others, it'll go a long way,

Quitting when the going gets hard

Instead of quitting when adversity strikes do the opposite, turn on more willpower.
You deserve exactly what you seek so there's no need to sell yourself short!

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The greatest achievements have been realized just after pushing through what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles.

If Napoleon Hill could install one trait in each person it would be the willpower to push back against those tough times.

The act of procrastination 

When a great opportunity presents itself you must be able to act immediately, you can't always take a day, a week or a month to think and mull over things.

The worst decision is often making no decision at all!

This doesn't mean always saying yes to opportunities that arise, it simply means looking at the facts and making your decision - the man that takes time to decide (and eventually say yes) will give up when the going gets tough as this level of indecisiveness shows a clear lack of want.

Once presented with all the facts you should be able to make a decision in 30 - 60 seconds,

Napoleon Hill's Four Steps To Develop Stickability

Have a definitive purpose

To get what you want you must know exactly what you want, down to minute detail.

If you want to lose weight how much do you want to weigh exactly?

If you're saving up for a new Ferrari what model is it? What color will it be?

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There's no right or wrong goal or purpose, the key is to ensuring it's compelling and definitive to you.

Take continuous action on your plan

Have a schedule set, know when you're putting in work.

Stick to this schedule and monitor your progress closely.

Don't hit the gym when you feel like it, hit the gym as per your workout schedule - the winner puts in action when the loser is tired. It's not sustainable to take action based on when you feel like it. The key is having a schedule and using your iron-forged willpower to stick to it.

Close your mind tightly against negativity

Negativity is a state of mind.

If all you do is think and imagine negative thoughts and results then that's exactly what you'll get.

Surround yourself with supportive people

Friends, family, those chasing the same goals and have values aligned with your own... these people will be there for you when you're sailing through the storms of adversity.
Behind every champion there's a great team. A champion will not make it to the pinnacle with a bunch of negative critics behind him. Choose your team and those you spend your time with wisely.

The Six Ghosts Of Fear (Don't Let These Stop You!)

The fear of poverty

Fear of poverty is a state of mind.

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If all you do is think and imagine poverty, then that's exactly what you'll get.

Opt to imagine yourself with all the wealth in the world.

The fear of criticism

Decide who you want to be in control of your thoughts... it's either yourself or the opinions of others!

Everyone has an opinion and they're all too willing to give it out. Don't listen.

The fear of ill health

Eat well and exercise often, that's all you need to do in order to take care of your health.

The fear of ill health is a result of marketing, the bombardment on TV, magazines and newspaper of remedies and supplements we supposedly need for problems we didn't even know we had!

Understand this is marketing, focus on your goals and continue to eat well and exercise often.

The fear of loss of love

This fear is broken down into 3 areas:

  • Jealously - being suspicious of freinds & family without evidence
  • Fault-finding - looking for faults in others
  • Gambling - taking big risks to attempt to buy love from others

The fear of old age

We're often convinced that we're not doing enough today to secure our future in old age.
The fear of old age is not so much about getting old, but in ending up in poverty as we're unable to look after ourselves.

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Once again, energy goes where focus flows... focus on your goals and imagine your financial freedom while putting in the work to ensure this does not become a reality.

The fear of death

Instead of focusing on our life we focus on the end, death.

Ensure you have a purpose in life, the majority of people die not long after retiring as they no longer have a purpose... they don't have a compelling reason to wake up each day.

The bigger our purpose the more value we add the richer our life will become and the longer we'll want to live (and will do so as a result!).

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Scott J.
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