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10 Frank Bettger Quotes That’ll Motivate You To Get Sh*t Done

Frank Bettger Quotes
Struggling to make it in sales? Looking for some motivation to get shi*t done? These Frank Bettger quotes are well worth a read!

“Henry Ford said: “Anyone who stops learning is old—whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” - Frank Bettger

“Do you believe in yourself and the things you want to do? Are you prepared for many setbacks and failures? Whatever your calling may be, each error, each failure is like a strike-out. Your greatest asset is the number of strike outs you have had since your last hit. The greater the number, the nearer you are to your next hit.” - Frank Bettger

“Failures mean nothing at all if success comes eventually. And that’s a thought that should cheer you up and help you keep on keeping on when the going seems hard. Keep going! Each week, each month, you are improving. One day soon, you will find a way to do the thing that today looks impossible.” - Frank Bettger


“When you show a man what he wants, he’ll move heaven and earth to get it.” - Frank Bettger

"A man generally has two reasons for doing a thing - one that sounds good, and a real one" - Frank Bettger

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"The whole secret of freedom from anxiety over not having enough time lies not in working more hours, but in the proper planning of the hours." - Frank Bettger

"I No longer worry about being a brilliant conversationalist. I simply try to be a good listener. I notice that people who do that are usually welcome wherever they go" - Frank Bettger


"If you don't believe in what you're selling, neither will your prospect." - Frank Bettger

"Set aside time to plan how you will spend your time. Think about what's most important. Then do those things first." - Frank Bettger

"Good listening works magic... Listen intently intentionally!" - Frank Bettger

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