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The Best Wireless Headphones For Working Out Under $50

Work Out Wireless! The Best Wireless Gym Headphones

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I've Uncovered The Best Wireless Headphones For Working Out (They're Under $50!)

As of late I've literally been going through a pair of headphones every month or two in search of the best wireless headphones for working out.

I've tried a fair few of the budget headphones recommended by other bloggers and YouTuber's off Amazon - they didn't last particularly long.

Common falters of my previous gym headphones included damaged cables, inconsistent sound (coming out of one side only) and overall flimsy build quality, the few budget pairs of wireless (Bluetooth) headphones I used had major issues, or were certainly not user friendly at all when it came to pairing with multiple devices e.g. my iPod for the gym and my phone/computer for podcasts.

When hunting down the best budget gym headphones I look for:

  • Build quality
  • Sound quality
  • Ease of use
  • Aesthetics (least important, but still a factor)

I'm not particularly fussed on the brand as many of the large brands from my experience are overhyped while a plethora of (superior) hidden gems go unnoticed.

Introducing The Bluedio Turbine Hurricane Bluetooth Headphones...

Bluedio Hurricane Headphone Reviews


$30 for a pair of decent looking 4.1 Bluetooth headphones that can last a week without needing to be charged seemed a bit too good to be true, I was sceptical.

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After 9 weeks of daily use in the gym (both lifting and cardio) as well as general commuting/listening to podcasts I highly recommend these headphones if you're looking for a budget pair for the gym.

Several years ago when I was living pay check to pay check I spent $400 on a pair of Beats by Dre , looking back that was literally one of the worst purchases I've ever made - funnily enough as a large portion of those funds is simply paying  for the Beats branding the sound quality wasn't that much better than that of the Bluedio Turbine Hurricane headphones I'm currently using, certainly not $370 better to say the least!

The Pros

Budget friendly

$30~ including postage for an item I use every single day that's reliable, comfortable and works well is a bargain in my eyes. Unless you're a committed audiophile there's no need to be spending any large sums of money here.

Super easy Bluetooth pairing

These headphones pair and unpair with multiple devices almost instantly, no BS whatsoever. This has been a major shortcoming of several other budget Bluetooth headphones I've used.

Bluetooth 4.1

The Bluedio Hurricane have an extended battery life thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1 technology used, Bluedio claim 40 hours of playback time aka. listening to music which I would deem reasonably accurate, along with 67 days of standby time (have not tested).

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Reasonably durable

My headphones are still going strong after being stuffed in my gym bag and surviving a few (small) drops. No damage apparent.

Sound quality is decent

In terms of sound quality these headphones are quite bass heavy thanks to the 57 driver. I would not expect any better sound quality for the price tag, however as they're primarily for gym I would not be chasing studio quality.

Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time

When adjusted correctly via the sliding headband I find these headphones quite comfortable - being able to happily wear them for 3+ hours at a time.

Easy to access controls

The controls, including volume up, volume down, pause and see track are easy to access without taking off the headphones. Adjusting the volume or skipping a track doesn't require taking off the headphones, nor does it require you to fumble around trying to locate the button.

As always, I only recommend products I personally use!


A Few Things I'd Change

Unable to fold up

Unlike some of Bluedio's other (more expensive) headphones the Hurricane are unable to be folded up for easier carrying or storage.

No carry case

The box containing these headphones including the headphones themselves, a USB cable and one small manual. Bluedio do not offer a carry case for these headphones.

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Some user complaints of flimsy build quality

The main concern I read before buying these headphones the band snapping, this was noted by quite a few reviewers... as I mentioned in the pros section above I have been quite impressed with the build quality for the price and have not encountered any issues. Perhaps this issue was addressed by Bluedio... will report back regarding this one after more use.

You can pick up a pair of these headphones here.

Is there a particular pair of headphones you use or recommend for the gym? If so let me know in the comments below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
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