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Bruce Buffer It’s Time! Book Review: Tales & Life Lessons From The Voice Of The Octagon

Bruce Buffer It's Time! Book Review
If you're a fan of martial arts you're no doubt familiar with the legendary voice of the UFC's octagon, Bruce Buffer.

If you're not familiar you've still likely seen or heard the old guy withone of his many tuxedos announcing "IT'S TIMEEEEEEE".

The biography of an announcer doesn't sound too intriguing I know, but once you delve into Bruce's life that opinion quickly changes.

From discovering his long-lost brother and assisting him to earn in excess of 400 million dollars through trademarks, becoming a professional poker play to getting into elevator brawls with UFC legends and blowing out his ACL while enthusiastically announcing in the octagon... 'It's Time' is entertaining while also containing a bunch of sound business & life advice from Buffer.

If you're a big UFC fan like myself you'll also Bruce's first-hand account of the growth from the primitive first events to the spectacle that are modern day events.

Insights & Lessons From The Voice Of The Octagon... 

Everyone You Meet Gives You Something

Everyone you meet gives you something. A chance to learn, a chance to be better. They may delight you, enrage you, seduce you, cheat you, care for you. But you are changed by that meeting.

See every encounter as an opportunity to learn.

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Some people will aid you on your path, while from observing others we can also learn exactly what NOT to do in order to attain success.

On Winning & Losing

Win like you're used to it, lose like it doesn't bother you.

The emotional high after a win and the emotional low after a loss are both temporary.

Win or lose, you must move on and continue on your path.

The winner cannot get too caught up and derail himself, while the loser MUST break out of the emotional rollcoaster after a loss and get back to the drawing board.

Take All You Want, But Eat All You Take

Whether it's a meal or a path choice in life, once you make it and take it, you should finish it!

Do not take more than you need.

If you have an opportunity, capitalize on it.

If you have the ability use it.

Do not waste your talent, time or ability.

Do not look back with regret later in life.

Make Them Bleed

The surest way to stop most people is to make them bleed. Because they are not expecting that. Anyone who picks a fight is in love with his own sense of power, and he's probably never had anyone stand up to him.

You must strike first.

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Big Cheers, No Fears

You can't live in fear. Live in such a way that you're always celebrating life. Wake up every day happy, knowing you're the best that you can be. If you can banish fear, you'll rest easy, knowing that you can handle anything you come up against. When an athlete succeeds, everybody cheers. So why not do that for yourself? You kiss a pretty girl? Cheers. You landed a commission at work? Cheer for yourself.

You must begin your day with small wins.

I’m not talking about crushing your monthly sales figure or blowing your current bench 1RM out of the park…

I’m talking about tiny, tiny goals.

Be it reading 10 pages of that new book on stoicism you purchased or perhaps holding a handstand progression for 5 seconds.

Set yourself up with small winnable tasks and watch your momentum grow.

Say you’re going to do something then follow through and actually do it!

You Can Only Do So Much On Your Own

I'd rather have one percent of other people's efforts than 100 percent of my own.

In business you cannot do everything on your own. I've discovered this first-hand.

In 99% of businesses there comes a time where you need to accept that delegation is the key to growth.

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Be it hiring a social media manager, a graphic designer, a personal assistant or a copywriter.

Do not drive your business into the ground by failing to delegate.

BSC: Balls, Skill, Confidence

BSC is my theory of life. You can do anything if you have these three things. Some people focus exclusively on skill - preparing, training, becoming professional. Thqat's good, but don't neglect the other two.

Skill won't get you far if you never cease the opportunities for which it is useful...

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