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The Adonis Index Ratio – The Formula For A Timeless Physique

The Adonis Index Ratio


The adonis index ratio.

The perfect physique.

There's a ton of big, bulky physique out there and an equal number of extremely lean, relatively slender beach bodies too. Both physiques take discipline and work to build and command respect, but they're not going to jaw drops and appeal to everyone.

A physique sculpted to the principles of the adonis index ratio will do just that.

Here's What The Ideal Physique Looks Like...


Steve Reeves, the physique above utilizes this ratio.

As you can see the perfect physique entails:

  • Broad shoulders
  • Bulging biceps with equally developed triceps
  • A flat, armour plated chest
  • V taper from a small waist up to the broad shoulders
  • Defined abdominal region
  • Well developed legs featuring quad definition with matching hamstrings and bicep-like calves
  • Relatively low body fat (single digit)

How To Calculate Your Adonis Index Ratio Ideal Physique

The adonis index ratio is numerically expressed as follows:

1:1.618 (1 to 1.618)

Grab a tape measure and write down your current measurements:

  • Arm circumference (at the peak of your bicep)
  • Circumference of your non dominant wrist
  • Circumference of your shoulders
  • Circumference of your waist
  • Circumference of your upper thigh
  • Circumference of your knee
  • Circumference of your calves


Your arms when flexed should be 150% bigger than your non dominant wrist circumference.

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This is the equivalent to your wrist measurement x 2.5


Your flexed calves should match the size of your flexed arms.

Calves measurement = arm measurement


Your shoulder circumference should measure 1.618 times larger than your waist.

This is the equivalent to your waist x 1.618.


Your chest circumference should be 550% larger than the circumference of your non-dominant wrist

This is the equivalent to your wrist measurement x 6.5.


The circumference of your upper thigh should be 75% bigger than the circumference of your knee.

This is the equivalent to your knee measurement x 1.75.

A Few Points To Consider

  • Your measurements should be taken upon waking in the morning - before you've consumed any food or hit the gym (as pumped measurements and bloating will skew your measurements).
  • If your body fat levels are north of 10% your measurements will skew your ideal physique outline - ensure you're lean.
  • When it comes to waist and wrist size these are genetically influenced traits, we're not all going to be able to hit our ideal physique according to the adonis index ratio but that doesn't matter, it gives you a good idea of where you should be and a long term goal to work towards.

My Measurements

Wrist – 6.75″
Arms – 16.5″
Shoulders – 48″
Chest – 43″
Waist – 31″
Thigh – 23.5″
Knee – 14″
Calves – 15.5″

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Here's How I Look Just Shy Of These Measurements...


My Ideal Measurements

Arm size – 16.875″ (0.375″ short)
Calves – 16.875″ (1.375″ short)
Shoulders – 50.05″ (2.05″ short)
Chest – 43.875 (0.75″ short)
Thigh – 24.5 (1″ short)

How Do You Measure Up To The Adonis Index Ratio? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
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