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Rocky Pool Walk Trail Kalamunda

Rocky Pool Walk Trail Kalamunda

The Rocky Pools are beautiful, and the only way you're going to get to them is by hiking - a walk that's well worth the reward!


Spring Road, Kalamunda


Hard (steep hills)


5KM loop

Estimated Duration

Allow 2.5 hours

You'll find the beginning of the Rocky Pool Walk Trail at the end of Spring Road in Kalamunda, don't be alarmed if you don't see a trail sign as there isn't one (although you'll find a few markers along the way to keep you on track).

Follow the light blue markers and you'll encounter a series of stream, steep and rocky uphill and downhill descents until you ultimately reach the Rocky Pools towards the end of the walk!
Unlike Bells Rapids and a number of other 'rocky pools' in Perth you'll find these to be often quite quiet as you've got to be willing to do the walk to get to them - you can't just drive right up unlike the others.

One valuable piece of advice - be sure to wear tight fitting hiking shoes as a number of the muddy downhill sections (part of a 4WD track) that'll swallow your shoe whole (as we found out haha).

Although Rocky Pools is only a 5KM loop I'd without a doubt class this as one of the harder walks in Perth, although it's less than half the length of the Yanchep Ghost House Trail the steep, loose uphill and downhill stints remind me of Bluff Knoll.

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