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5 Power Tower Workouts For Functional Full-Body Strength

Enter 5 Powerful Power Tower Workouts

"SJ, What's So Good About The Power Tower?"


Unlike a preacher curl, lat pull-down or many other common pieces of home gym equipment the power tower is functional.
The exercises for your back, biceps, chest and triceps as well as core assist in building both size and strength - movements such as the pull-up and dip (both of which the power tower are designed for) are a couple of the most effective upper body exercises out there.

Doesn't Require Much Room

A power tower doesn't require a great deal of room.
Put one in your garage, put one in the corner of your bedroom or spare living area in your house - they're not demanding when it comes to your precious real estate.

Hits Multiple Muscle Groups

The power tower, like many other pieces of equipment is not a one hit wonder aka. only useful for one exercise or muscle group.
The power tower is great for working:
Grip strength

Endless Progressions

Regardless of your current strength level the power tower is a fantastic tool for increasing your functional strength.
As all exercises being performed are based upon your bodyweight they can be made easier or harder based on where you're at.
Struggling to do a bodyweight pull-up? No problems, throw a resistance band over the power tower and hook your leg into it - you've now got an assisted version of the pull-up

Bodyweight pull-ups too easy for you? Grab a backpack and load it with books, or better yet attach some weight to a dip belt.

Dips for both chest and triceps as well as chin-ups for your biceps can be scaled in the same manner.

Compatible With Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings are a great tool for building both muscle and strength, but the biggest problem I've found with gymnastic rings is finding somewhere to put them!
If you're unable to drill a mounting bracket into your wall or ceiling and can't find a sturdy beam or tree to hang your rings from the power tower is your answer.
Gymnastic rings can safely be hung from a power tower.

Here's The Power Tower I Recommend & Use

best power tower 1

The Weider power tower is the most popular power tower on the market, it doesn't have any special attachments or quirks to it so what's the deal?


A well built power tower at a solid price.

If you're looking for a no thrills power tower to hit dips, weighted pull-ups, hanging leg raises and whatever else you can throw at it then in my opinion you can't go beyond this model when it comes to build quality, functionality and price.

Check out the Weider Power Tower on Amazon here<

Power Tower Workout 1

Wide Grip Pull-Ups - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Chest Dips - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Chin-Ups - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Triceps Dips - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Hanging leg raises
Close grip push-ups

Power Tower Workout 2

As many rounds in 30 minutes as possible of...

10 Chest Dips
10 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups

10 Bodyweight Squats (perform in-front of power tower) 

Power Tower Workout 3

Hanging Leg Raises - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Hanging L Sit Hold - 4 holds - 30 seconds per hold
Plank - 5 reps - 1 minute hold per rep
Bent Knee Leg Raises - 4 sets - 'till failure

Power Tower Workout 4

Wide Grip Pull-Ups - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Chest Dips - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Supported handstand Push-Ups (against tower) - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Chin-Ups - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Close Grip Push-Ups - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Bodyweight Squats - 4 sets - 10 reps per set
Dead Hangs - 4 hangs - 30 seconds per hang

Power Tower Workout 5

Perform 12 rounds of the following circuit

10 Chin-Ups
10 Air Squats
10 Pull-Ups
10 Bodyweight Squats
10 Chest Dips
10 Walking Lunges

Here Are The Most Common Power Tower Queries I Get Asked...

Here's my take on the most common question I see being asked when it comes to buying a power tower and choosing the best power tower for your needs...

Who should buy a power tower?

Anyone looking to build both functional muscle and strength that doesn't want to train at a traditional gym, or would simply like undoubtedly the most functional piece of training equipment in their home.
Don't want to drive to the gym to hit an ab workout? No worries - just jump on your power tower.

What are the cons of a power tower?

If you're on a very limited budget or struggle with basic progressions of bodyweight exercises such as the pull-up and dip the power tower may not be the best for you.
Power tower vs. pull up bar, what's better?
Provided you've got the space and the funds I'd take the power tower 10 out of 10 times.
A pull-up bar, particularly a doorway pull-up bar isn't a particularly reliable piece of training equipment when you're adding additional weight to your pull-ups.From my experience the power tower is far sturdier while also offering the option of dips.
Power tower vs. lat pulldown, what's better?
The lat pulldown and the pull-up cannot be compared.
Pull-ups are one of the best compound movements for the upper body, while the lat pulldown is an isolation exercise for the back (you don't get the core activation while performing a pull-down either!).
I would choose a power tower, followed by a doorway pull-up bar over the traditional lat pull-down machine.
Is it safe to do muscle ups on a power tower?
For peace of mind I suggest securing your power tower to the floor if you plan on performing sets of explosive exercises such as the muscle-up.
Does a power tower need to be secured to the floor?
 No, for pull-ups, dips, push-ups, leg raises and any and all variations of these base exercises your power tower doesn't need to be bolted down to the ground.
The only exercise as above that I'd insist on bolting tower (or at least further securing) a power tower for is the muscle-up.
Will a power tower ruin my floor?
If you're keeping your power tower indoors and have either wood or tiled flood a simple high density rubber mat underneath the power tower will prevent it from damaging your floor.
That said, the above power towers are well built and should not slide or scratch the flooring while you train.

What's Your Take On The Power Tower? Let Me Know Below!

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