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HyperIce Utility Review – Train Harder & Recover Faster With Cold Compressions

What Is The HyperIce Utility?


The HyperIce utility is an excellent recovery tool for the gym-goer or athlete that's constantly pushing their body to it's limit, whether on the field or in the gym.
The HyperIce utility is essentially a velcro strap designed to hold a bladder, filled with ice that's then strapped to your wrist, bicep, ankle or anywhere else you can secure it.

The HyperIce utility is used specifically to apply ice with compression to the shoulder to aid recovery while keeping you mobile.

The ice cell has an air-release button to keep the rubber cell tout so ice firmly rests on the skin, while the velcro straps enable users to tie down the HyperIce to a specific region of the body. To remove excess air from the pack, just squeeze the rubber cell and press down on the button to slowly release the air. The cell pops in and out of the cloth part without fuss, and fits snugly inside.

Benefits Of The HyperIce Utility

Here's what I like about the HyperIce Utility Strap

  • Well constructed, I've been using this thing for months, have lent it to others, thrown in in my suitcase numerous times and it's still like new.
  • Convenience - instead of sitting on the couch with an icepack and a towel compressing it myself I'm able to go about my day while using ice compression for recovery.
  • Compression is more than sufficient - this thing can go on tighter than you'd be able to hold an ice pack on yourself.
  • Assists in injury recovery, improves recovery time and decreases severity of delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Can be used for a variety of different body parts.
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When And Why I Use My HyperIce Utility

I've got both a HyperIce shoulder and a HyperIce utility which I use at different times post training, here's how and when I use my HyperIce  utility...

After Running & Jump Rope

As of late I've been enjoying some outdoor jump rope workouts along with stair sprints while the weather is on point.
This high impact form of cardio helps me burn a ton of calories and increases my endurance a heap, but there's one downside - it's rough on the joints.
My left ankle in particular tends to cause problems, even with a sufficient amount of mobility work.

This is initially how I discovered HyperIce, I was looking for a solution to my niggling ankle.

Immediately after performing any high impact cardio or plyometrics - be it sprints, box jumps, jump rope - I get the HyperIce on for 20 minutes twice day that.

After Training Arms (For Wrists/Elbows)

Heavy biceps and triceps exercises can cause wrist issues, tendonitis is extremely common among serious gym-goers.
Wrist straps are often used, however instead of using a bandaid fix I prefer preventative maintenance - applying RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to my wrists after heavy barbell bicep curls.

After arm day I take 20 minutes per wrist and switch my HyperIce utility between the two.

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How I prepare My Utility

I always ensure I have several trays of ice cubes in my freezer, when it's time to get strapped up after training I take a couple of trays and empty them into my Vitamix blender, I pulse the blender for a couple of seconds - just enough to process the cubes into tiny chunks. I've heard of people putting entire ice cubes directly into the the cell (bladder) of their HyperIce utility strap before, but there's several problems with this...

  1. it's uncomfortable as hell as you have blocks compressed tightly against your shoulder
  2. The surface area is reduced as the ice will not compress correctly

Note: there is synthetic ice available which is quite popular, however in my opinion it's too pricey to be worthwhile using (as each time you empty your re-usable synthetic ice between it's container and the HyperIce cell you lose a decent amount.

After I've processed the ice I empty it from the blender into the HyperIce cell (bladder), put the ice cell inside the strap and compress it to my body using the velcro straps as tight as possible.
For the next twenty minutes I'll generally do some reading or writing - something productive while not requiring an excessive amount of movement.

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Who's The HyperIce Utility For?

I'd recommend the HyperIce Utility to numerous people including...

Gym-goers Looking To Improve Recovery Time

Getting sore knees, elbows, ankles or wrists in the gym? Having trouble recovering in time between workouts? mobility work along with ice and compression are your friend in these situations.

Anyone Experiencing Strains/Sprains

Any strains, impingements or soreness in general are generally prescribed ice by physiotherapists (I was for my shoulder impingement).
It's all well and good saying you're going to compress it with ice, but unless you've got an easy way to do it chances are you won't - sitting around holding an ice pack against your ankle for 20 minutes multiple times a day becomes old fast, and you'll soon stop doing it (leading to a longer recovery time or further problems).


Constantly bounding on the pavement takes its toll on your knees and ankles.
I recommend performing mobility work and compression with ice immediately after training to mitigate the risk of injury, pain and increase recovery time.

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What's Your Take On Cold Compression Equipment Like The HyperIce Utility? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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