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How To Double Jab

How To Double Jab

The double jab is a great range finder, used to establish your distance before setting up a big right hand.
Once you've pumped out the first jab bring your hand about half way back to your face before snapping it out and hitting your target again, ensure your right hand remains tucked closely to your cheek while popping that jab.
When used in combat your opponent is likely expecting a cross to follow your first jab and as such you've got a fairly solid chance of actually landing that second snapping jab.

The Jab

The jab is without a doubt the most crucial punch to master, yet remains most neglected.
Your jab should be straight and fast... no looping or winding up required.

  • Begin with your gloves tucked in front of your face, elbows pointing down.
  • Drive through your hips as you twist them while extending your lead (left) hand outward to punch - your punch should go straight out from your chin level - no dropping of the hand.
  • Just before your glove makes contact with the focus mitt or heavy bag rotate your fist (often calling 'turning it over) so your knuckles are horizontal to the floor as your glove hits.
  • As soon as your jab connects with the focus mitt or heavy bag bring it back in front of your face and return to your elbows tucked in position.
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Common mistakes made with the jab include:

Transferring Too Much Weight Forward 

When in your boxing stance your weight should remain primarily on your rear leg, when throwing a jab if you're transferring too much weight onto your front foot you'll overbalance and fall forward.
This mistake can be extremely costly, particularly in the ring - if your jab misses and you're off balance you're wide open to be hit - not to mention you'll miss the opportunity to follow up your jab with a powerful cross as you won't be 'planted' on the ground to throw your next punch.

Dropping Your Right Hand

The majority of guys drop their opposite hand when throwing a punch, if your adversary sees your jab coming and counters with a jab or cross of their own your chin is exposed - not good.
Ensure your opposite hand is always touching your cheek when throwing a punch.

Failing To Turn Over Your Hand & 'Snap' The Punch

You must turn your punch over, rotate your wrist so your knuckles are horizontal to the ground just before your punch lands.

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