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Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s Summary

Grinding It Out!

From one failure in sales to another, the future seemed bleak for 52 year old Ray Kroc - neither time nor luck appeared to be on his side as he went from one endeavour to another.

Most men would've given up, I sure as hell would have...

But Ray Kroc had one intangible that lead him to building the most recognised corporation on earth today...

Ray Kroc was a master of endurance, the golden arches you'll find on every other street corner to this very day are proof of that.

Whether you're after lessons in business, motivation or just a great read then I recommend you read Ray Kroc's biography, Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's.

5 Lessons From The Making of McDonald's

1. Endurance Is The Key To Success

Ray Kroc spent over 30 years in various sales roles for other companies before finally venturing into business himself at age 52 with the McDonald's brothers.
The vast majority would've given up after 3 years, let alone 30!
Kroc continued to put in the work, seeking opportunity after opportunity in the hope of hitting a big home run.

At 52 years of age Ray Kroc knew he was about to hit a winner with McDonald's... putting all his time, energy and willpower into this colossal opportunity which as we can all see today, paid off thoroughly!

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2. You Control Your Own Happiness

Happiness doesn't come down to have many zeros are on the end of your bank account balance or how many times you can bench press 315lbs...

Happiness comes down to achievement and progression.

As Ray Kroc said you're either ripening or you're rotting..

You either sit stagnant in life and find yourself miserable or you get up and get to work - seeking progress and achievement.
When you progress in an endeavour you'll find happiness.

Whether you're grossing $100 a month in your business or $100,000 a month in your business as long as you're constantly pushing the boundaries and striving for that bit of progress month after month you'll create that sense of achievement and happiness that no one else can give you.

3. There's No Avoiding The Grind

To get from where you are now to where you want to be there's only 2 things in your way...

  • The time it takes
  • The hard work you must put in

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Put in the work for the required amount of time and you'll get what you want.

There's no secret recipe or trick to bypass the grind - instead of wasting time looking for such things opt to put in the work until you've got what you want.

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4. Be Impatient (Be A Doer, Not A Planner)

Planning is all well and good as long as you take action, but spending too much time planning can be your downfall.
Over-analysis and the constant hunt for perfection will leave you with little in terms of results or progress...

Take action and be willing to make a few little mistakes along the way.
The golden arches didn't appear as a result of Ray Kroc's planning, it took action.

5. Think Big (Push Growth During Tough Times!)

When times are tough and your competitors are selling and struggling to stay afloat is your opportunity to expand.

When others are selling you are buying.

When others are buying you are selling.

You must constantly push for growth and see these opportunities that others only recognize once it's too late.

Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's Quotes

“I was an overnight success all right, but thirty years is a long, long night."

“Happiness is not a tangible thing, it’s a byproduct of achievement. Achievement must be made against the possibility of failure, against the risk of defeat. It is no achievement to walk a tightrope laid flat on the floor. Where there is no risk, there can be no pride in achievement and, consequently, no happiness. The only way we can advance is by going forward, individually and collectively, in the spirit of the pioneer. We must take the risks involved in our free enterprise system. This is the only way in the world to economic freedom. There is no other way.”

“Luck is the dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”

“The quality of an individual is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.”

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