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8 Foods That Boost Beard Growth

Foods That Boost Beard Growth

When it comes to eating foods for specific purposes we've discussed foods to boost your testosterone, energy and virility multiple times... but recently I've had a number of requests for information on foods that boost beard growth. There are 101 different oils, lathers and sprays out there that promise to boost your beast growth, but the majority are just well marketed versions of the exact same coconut oil blend.

I personally view the approach to growing a beard very similiar to that of transforming your physique.. first of all you must know that it IS going to take time, and secondly you must get the foundation right aka. your diet before you go out looking for supplementation.

If your diet is poor and vitamins/minerals are in very short supply then using oils and supplements is going to be a waste of time - you haven't built the foundation right. That's like eating junk food all day and having a scoop of protein before bed... that's not going to counteract the lack of quality food you consumed during the day.

First Of All, What Nutrients Are Required For Solid Beard Growth?


When it comes to vitamins and minerals for men you would be hard pressed to find one more important than zinc. Zinc assists in boosting testosterone levels and promotes hair growth. There have been a number of studies showing that zinc may even prevent AND reverse premature grey hair.

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If you want to be a viril man with a thick head of hair and beard you must ensure your diet is rich in zinc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C assists in blocking free radicals that damage our cells as well as assists with collagen production which is essential for healthy skin, hair (including beards!) and nails.


Protein is linked to an increase in testosterone as well as assisting with the growing of healthy and dense hair - the structure of our hair is actually made up of a form of protein called keratin.
If your diet is deficient in protein you can expect brittle, slow growing beard hair.


One of the main side effects of insufficient iron levels is hair loss in both men and women.
That should be more than enough to convince you that iron is crucial for hair growth, on your head and your chin.

Iron assists in the production of hemoglobin which repairs cells via oxygen transportation - stimulating growth for your hair and your beard.

Putting your beard aside for a moment, a diet low in iron will have you feeling all kinds of weak and lethargic.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A assists with the reproduction and growth of cells not to mention the production of sebum.

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Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 assists in converting the foods we consume into nourishment and energy for all of the cells in our body, you guessed it - including your beard hair.

Vitamin B5 is also known to assist in delaying and reversing grey hairs, just like zinc.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has many of the same great benefits for hair and beard growth as vitamin C, battling free radicals that damage and destroy our cells.


Biotin has been linked to maintaining and growing healthy hair, a study performed in 2017 shows how biotin had a 100% success rate on those suffering from hair loss. You can check out the study here.


Supplementation of boron increases levels of testosterone, high testosterone has been linked to beard growth. Enough said.

Without further adieu below you'll find 8 foods to boost your beard growth. Incorporate a handful of these into your diet daily.

8 Foods That Boost Beard Growth


Eggs are loaded with protein, vitamin A, vitamin E, iron and zinc. You'll also find that eggs are one of the best souces of protein out there - far higher quality than that you'll find in the majority of shakes.


When it comes to foods high in zinc you will not find a food out there that contains more zinc than an oyster, with the average sized oyster containing roughly 6 grams of zinc each. You'll also find protein, iron and vitamin C in your oysters.

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A delicious and easy snack that'll work wonders for your beard - eat your oranges as they are, turn them into juice or slice them up and add them into a salad, regardless of what method you choose you'll be getting a healthy dose of vitamin C, biotin, vitamin B5, and vitamin A.


Gelatine is essentially made up entirely of collagen protein, and as we discussed above collagen works wonders for maintaining and cultivating healthy hair, skin and nails. Treat yourself to some jello every once in a while, your beard will thank you for it!

Bell Peppers

When we think of foods loaded with vitamin C the humble orange is always the first that comes to mind, but little do most people know the bell pepper contains multiple times the amount of vitamin C when compared to an orange! Not only that you'll also find your bell pepper is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B5.

Pumpkin Seeds

Eat them as they are or sprinkle them over your oats in the morning, pumpkin seeds are a trusty source of protein, zinc, iron, vitamin B5, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A.


Spinach is quite literally the most nutrient dense vegetable by weight. If you eat one food from this list not only for beard growth but also just for overall health let it be spinach. Make up a salad or place a bed of baby spinach under a steak the next time you grill one.

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Spinach is chalk full of protein, vitamin A, iron, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B5, biotin, and boron - all the things a healthy beard requires.


The best tasting food on our beard boosting list by far! I wouldn't advocate eating a ton of strawberries as they are quite high in sugar but they do go down great as an occasional beard friendly snack! You'll find strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, biotin, vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin E, and boron.

What're Your Go-To Beard Growing Foods & Supplements?

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