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4 Hip Flexor Stretches To Improve Your Squat Mobility

4 Hip Flexor Stretches

Humans were made to move. We weren’t designed to sit down with poor posture for hours on end each day.

One of the biggest by products of constantly sitting are our tight hip flexors...

What effect does this have on the average gym-goer?

The inability to get down into a squat position, increased risk of injury and minimal range of motion on our exercises in the gym…

It sucks.

Here’s the good news.

By sparing 10 minutes each morning performing these 4 hip flexor stretches you’ll be able to counteract this negative effect of prolonged sitting.

What’re you waiting for? Time to get mobile!

Hip Flexor Stretch #1 - The Pigeon

Begin by crossing your front leg over in front of your torso.

Allow the leg positioned behind you to stretch out completely.

Lower your torso to the ground and creep your arms forward if you wish to further accentuate the pigeon stretch (hold this position momentarily).

Switch legs and repeat.

Hip Flexor Stretch #2 - The Kneeling Stretch

Begin by pushing your hips forward as your rear knee touches the ground.

Hold this position for 20~ seconds before switching legs.

Hip Flexor Stretch #3 - Knee To Chest

Begin laying on your back with your legs extended.

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Lift one knee up towards your chest and hold at the top of the motion for 20~ seconds as you feel this stretch out your hip flexor.

Repeat for the opposite knee.

Hip Flexor Stretch #4 - Trigger Point Release

Position your foam roller horizontally across your hips.

Transfer as much of your weight as you can bare onto the roller and proceed to roll up and down to work your way over the tissue.

Find a particularly sore spot? Hold the roller on that spot for 10~ seconds as a means of trigger point therapy.

What're Your Favorite Hip Flexor Stretches? Let Me Know Below!

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Scott J.
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