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Supplements To Increase Your Vascularity

Want Roadmap Vascularity?!
When it comes to that vein popping, bad ass vascularity all over your arms, legs and torso some gym-goers are genetically blessed while others, even though they’re relatively lean may have very few or no visible veins at all.


Any supplement company that tells you they’ve formulated a product that will definitely give you large increases in the amount of superficial veins you have on display are essentially making a false claim, albeit yes there are supplements out there that will assist in bringing out vascularity in your physique there’s 3 main factors that need to be in check for you to get that Sylvester Stallone style vascularity.


Just like the ability to pack on massive slabs on muscle to your calves, some people find this a walk in the park while other gym-goers dedicate years of intensive calf training sessions multiple times a week and STILL struggle to make any noticeable progress.

There are genetic freaks out there that have moderate body fat and don’t follow a lifting regime and still have more vascularity on display than a bodybuilder in the single digit body fat range that is intentionally trying to increase their vascularity.

There’s absolutely no reason to dismiss your vascularity or lack thereof on genetics as there are proven methods you can utilize to work with the cards you’ve been dealt.

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Body Fat

The leaner you are the more muscle definition and pronounced vascularity you’re going to have on display. At a higher body fat you may only have shoulder and/or biceps vascularity present… as your body fat decreases abdominal; chest & leg vascularity will begin to reveal itself.

Subcutaneous Water Retention

Between your muscle tissue and your skin is a layer of fat, along with this stored body fat retained water is also held. The more retained water you’re holding the more bloated you’ll look – giving you less and less of a chance of seeing your veins underneath.

One of the supplements I recommend taking to increase your vascularity is used to reduce the amount of retained water your body is holding in order to obtain that ‘dry’ and vascular look.

Ripped Freak Diuretic Review Before After

The two types of supplements you should be taking to increase vascularity


Vasodilator supplements work by increasing the diameter of your veins, not only does this increase the amount of superficial vascularity visible, the vasodilation will also allow blood and nutrients to flow more freely – increasing endurance, recovery and supposedly strength at the same time.


Diuretics increase your vascularity by removing the excess amounts of stored water your body is holding. There are a number of different diuretics out there – ranging from natural plants and foods that are said to aid as a natural diuretic to hardcore bodybuilding supplements and prescription diuretics which I strongly recommend you do not mess with.

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Here are the individual supplements I recommend you take if increasing your vascularity is your primary goal.

Arginine (Vasodilator)

L-Arginine Vascularity

Citrulline (Vasodilator)

 L-Citrulline Vascularity

Dandelion Root Extract (Natural diuretic)

Dandelion Root Vascularity

Scott J.
Scott J.
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