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Lifting With Batting Gloves: A Grand Slam?

Lifting With Batting Gloves

When it comes to lifting with gloves I've discussed my strong opinion in previous articles, but times have changed. The world has changed.

Here in Australia the gyms are open again on a 24/7 unstaffed basis once again, with strict guidelines around disinfecting equipment and staying out of the gym if you're feeling unwell I've personally seen far too many individuals ignoring these rules over the last week I've been in the gym, as such I looked into getting a pair of lifting gloves.

Here's the thing though...

Most gym gloves are far too thick and padded and as such don't allow you to get a proper grip on the barbell/dumbbell/machine you're using.
This may not sound like a huge deal but if you're unable to position the weight correctly you're not going to be able to perform the exercise or activate the desired muscle group through the plane of movement correctly.

I tried to recall who I saw constantly wearing gloves when lifting to find out which ones they used..

Then I remembered.

Mark Wahlberg.

In every single video or photo I've seen of Wahlberg lifting he's been sporting gloves, but they aren't traditional lifting gloves.

They're batting gloves, baseball batting gloves to be specific.

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The Two Big Benefits of Lifting with Batting Gloves

You Can Actually Get Your Hand Around The Dumbbell/Barbell/Machine Properly

Hitting gloves wouldn't work particularly well in the game of baseball if they were too thick for a hitter to get their hands in correct position on their bat - as such hitting gloves are significantly less bulky and chunky when compared to traditional lifting gloves.
This means we're able to get a proper grip on the equipment we're using and as such can perform the exercise correctly without having to try and compensate for incorrect hand positioning.

They Offer Amazing Grip

A batter could be facing an off-speed slider, a cutter, or a high-speed fastball - their gloves have to offer immense grip to be able to swing the bat at immense speed on a split seconds notice.
Batting gloves offer far superior grip to lifting gloves as they have to in order to be efficient at what they were designed for - the game of baseball.

Here Are The Batting Gloves I Recommend For Lifting... 

In terms of value for money while also looking a million bucks I highly recommend the Nike Huarache range of batting gloves for use in the gym.

What's Your Take On Lifting With Batting Gloves? Let Me Know Below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
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