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Fit Juice Trilogy Review

"Pay now or pay later" - Mike Cernovich on seeing juicing as an investment I recently had the pleasure of reading Mike Cernovich's Fit Juice Trilogy, in this post I'd like to share my thoughts on these 3 books. omega juicer Chances are if you're a fan of my blog, IgnoreLimits you're either a regular reader of Mike Cernovich's Danger and Play or you've at least heard of the site. Mike runs another site too, - and this is where the Fit Juice Trilogy comes in. As I've mentioned in previous blog posts I only take advice or wisdom from those who are masters in the area they're discussing - Mike has been juicing for years and have an immense knowledge of the subject, unlike 99% of the juicing eBooks found on the Amazon Kindle store which contain the same generic advice which has been rehashed and rehashed by internet marketers who have probably never even drank a green juice, let alone made one themselves.

Introducing the Fit Juice Trilogy

The Fit Juice Trilogy is comprised of 3 books, these include: fit juice trilogy "Juicing will make you healthier, wealthier & wiser" - Mike Cernovich, Juice Power

Juice Power: How To Juice For Healing And Lifelong Health

The best way I can describe Juice Power is as the bible for juicers, both beginner and advanced - this book is comprehensive, coming in at over 170 pages. In Juice Power Mike covers the following: Why you need to start juicing How to start juicing (including some basic recipes which aren't too bitter, I recommend these) The lowdown on calories & nutrients contained in your green juices A buying guide for your first (and second!) juicer - the pros and cons of the centrifugal vs. the masticating juicer Blending vs. juicing... this has been debated many times, I recommend you check out mines take on it Comparisons & reviews of popular juicers on the market - this is fantastic as many guys face paralysis by analysis when it comes to things like this as they can't decipher these products themselves How to clean your juicer efficiently In excess of 70 green juice recipes - Mike covers the benefits and properties of each ingredient in each green juice - it's far more than just a list of ingredients 13 tips for juicing - including how to prepare your juice in advance and juicing on the go (we're all busy, efficiency is key here)

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Juicing For Athletes: Recipes For Better Endurance And Fasted Recovery

This short 25 page ebook contains juicing information specifically targeted at athletes to increase their performance. Did you know many pro athletes, including UFC fighters make and consume green juice daily? Notice how I said they were professional athletes? Mediocre athletes don't take advantage of many benefits of juicing discussed, perhaps this is why many don't make it to an elite level? Mike covers the ingredients and green juice recipes you can use to increase your strength, improve your endurance and lose weight. We're also given information on how to 'supercharge' these juices with additional supplements (that are actually proven!) to assist in your athletic endeavours. Juicing for Athletes is wrapped up with some solid advice on physical training and recovery in general - Mike has spent years in the gym and he certainly does know what he's talking about in this section of the book (no it isn't the "do 3 sets of 10 reps or you'll be overtraining" style advice).

Juicing For Men: Potent Juices For Boosting Testosterone And Virility

Juicing for Men is once again, a short additional eBook that comes along with what I deem the juicing bible, 'Juice Power'. In my opinion every man should read and implement the advice given in this book. Masculinity is at an all time low. Many men complain about lacking energy, many men have low testosterone... Instead of looking at BS supplements over the counter (99% of which are either harmful or will not work) juicing can without a doubt be used to improve your testosterone levels, libido and virility. Mike shares with us ingredients & recipes to boost testosterone and sexual health including his first hand experience with these. Mike discusses beetroot & pomegranate in depth along with HOW and WHY we can harness their power to become more of a man. Forget Viagra, read Juicing For Men.

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Here's Why I Loved The Fit Juice Trilogy...

As I mentioned earlier, Mike knows what he's talking about - having spent years juicing he shares comprehensive knowledge from the best juice recipes based upon your goal (weight loss, increasing libido, cleansing etc.) all the way to how to tell if your produce is ripe and the most efficient way to clean your Omega juicer. The Fit Juice Trilogy is loaded with images, I lose attention when reading walls of text relatively quickly, these 3 eBooks kept me engaged throughout. The reader is left with no gaps of knowledge or guesswork - the A - Z of juicing is within these digital pages. All information is presented along with Mike's experience and studies too, as you know broscience is all too apparent in the health & fitness industry. If Mike recommends beet juice he'll give you HIS personal experience with beet juice along with information from referenced studies to back up what we're being told. That's credibility. That's how every book in this niche should be written.

Mike stands behind his product. The Fit Juice Trilogy comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, no BS.

Room For Improvement In The Fit Juice Trilogy?

The formatting and repetition of some content in the Juice Power eBook could 'flow' better with a small amount of work, however as I said all the content you need is here. The option to purchase a hardcopy version of the book to keep next to your juicer would also be fantastic - I printed my own copies of these eBooks however they do not have that professional touch to them. As Will Smith said the way to build your body is "brick by brick" this is true for building muscle in the gym where it comes down to set after set, as well as the health side of it, by consuming a green juice daily you'll look great, you'll feel great and you'll perform great - you will forge a physique that will weather the storms of life & stand the test of time.

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Harness the power of juice now, grab your copy of the Fit Juice Trilogy here.

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