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Purchases to Improve your Life: Volume 3

Achieve More & Improve Your Quality of Life With...

Volume 3 - September 2018

Purchases to Improve Your Life is going to be a monthly series compiling the most useful items and tech that I have discovered and use.

There’s tons of useless technology and items out there designed to specifically waste your time. You won’t find me recommending any video game consoles or movies.

The things I’ve hand-picked below are designed to improve the quality of your life in terms of productivity, business, health and fitness. If you want to become a winner, these are for you.

These bad boys will help you reach your goals.

Please note: for 100% transparency I am not paid to endorse any of the programs below, I do however participate in Amazon’s Affiliate program.

Himalayan Sea Salt

When we wake up we're dehydrated.

99% of us choose a coffee as our first beverage upon waking - this makes matters worse (although it comes to us as a surprise when we have headaches and brain fog later in the day).

Since reading Aubrey Marcus' 'Own The Day, Own Your Life' I've been starting each morning with a cup of filtered water containing 3 grams of Himalayan sea salt.
This simple morning cocktail honestly has me feeling fantastic.

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This salt Containing 84 trace minerals our body requires as well as a great way to get dehydrated

Opt for pink Himalayan sea salt, as it comes from ancient oceanic deposits it has the benefit of additional iron content (this also gives it that pink hue).

Pick up some pink Himalayan sea salt here.

Cordyceps (Tibetan Mushrooms)

Cordyceps, a Tibetan mushroom found on the plateau of Tibet and China (12,000 feet up!) assists in speeding up the transfer of oxygen from red blood cells to mitochondria.

The result?

Slower onset of fatigue, an increase in oxygen uptake and an overall increase in endurance-based exercises (runners love cordyceps!).

Sherpas from Tibet make tea with Cordyceps as an aid when climbing Everest (claiming that by doing so they don't need supplemental oxygen).

Unlike many uncoventional supplements that make wild claims without any proof to back it up, Cordyceps actually has studies to back it up!

Pick up some cordyceps here.

Sleep Induction Mat

Laying on what is essentially a bed of nails probably isn't high on your to-do list, but the big benefits I've experienced since regularly using a sleep induction mat are worth it!

If you've got trouble falling asleep at night or find yourself not getting into a particularly deep sleep then I highly recommend you give this a try.
I spend 10 - 20 minutes laying on top of my sleep induction mat and wake up having experienced a much deeper sleep and far less tension in my back (this is essentially trying to replicate acupuncture by targeting pressure points).

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Standing on the mat is also great as a means of trigger point therapy for your feet after running or jump rope workouts etc.

Pick up a sleep induction mat here.

Kombucha Brewing Kit

Microbiome is the community of (g00d) bacteria that lives in each and every one of us.
Antibiotics, stress, sugary foods and the like all destroy and send our microbiome out of whack...

One of the best ways to improve your overall health is to regularly consume kombucha which I've done over the last few years. There's one problem though - it's expensive!
Rather than spending $4 every day on a bottle of pre-packaged kombucha it's extremely easy, economical and rewarding to make your own! I was initialled turned off at the idea of having to 'brew' my own kombucha but it's ridiculously simple to do, not to mention you can add your own flavors, increase or decrease the amount of carbonation you want etc.

Pick up your komucha brewing kit here.

Sleep Phones

A high quality pair of headphones are great, but there are times when they're just inpractical or uncomfortable.
Laying down and listening to binaural beats while reading, listening to podcasts and performed guided meditations are a few of those occasions.

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This is where sleep phones come in.

They're extremely comfortable and perfectly suited to use while laying down or going to sleep.

Pick up some Sleep Phones here.

Liquid Chalk

Chalk is a godsend when it comes to performing exercises that're heavily reliant on grip strength.
The deadlift, the weighted pull-up, hanging leg raise and bent over row are a few that come to mind.

By using chalk you're be able to grip the bar longer and ensure you're able to continue your set until the targeted muscle group reaches failure, not just your grip strength.

The problem with traditional chalk is it makes a huge mess - on your clothes, the gym floor... everywhere.

I aways dismissed the idea of liquid chalk and opted to clean up the mess my chalk blocks made...

Since I've tried liquid chalk I haven't looked back! You'll find even better grip strength and zero mess.

Pick up some liquid chalk here.

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Scott J.
Scott J.
I’m SJ. I’m a fitness enthusiast and published author. I transformed my body from a skinny fat 135lbs with 18% body fat to a solid 192lbs at 8% body fat. I became qualified in a field I was passionate about. I founded several online businesses that allow me to pursue ideas and projects in my life that I am passionate about without having to constantly worry about money. I published several eBooks explaining the training and dieting techniques I used to achieve the body I have today. I learnt a plethora of new information on dieting and fitness by reading and applying what I read, to find out what does work and what doesn’t work, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed the health and fitness industry is full of non-sense claims and BS. I found out what was true and what worked for me and applied that knowledge. And you bet I had fun during the whole process.

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