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Why You Need To Fill Your House With Plants (With Studies!)

Want To Improve Your Life? Fill Your House With Plants!

A few years ago a study NASA performed indicating just how good indoor house plants were for purifying air went viral on the internet, however not too long after this was published more research was released deeming this in fact not be the case...

Ok, plants may not clean the air and strip harmful toxins to the degree we were once told, but there have been a ton of studies performed on plants that aren't really discussed or seen because they didn't go viral like the NASA air quality study.

Below you'll find extracts from 7 studies on house plants that indicate house plants can:

  • Enhanced recovery rates
  • Reduce anxiety and improve feelings of well-being
  • Improve creativity and problem solving
  • Reduce overall levels of stress
  • Perceived increase in air quality
  • Reduction in depression
  • Eliminate feelings of stuffiness

Studies On House Plants

Ornamental Indoor Plants in Hospital Rooms Enhanced Health Outcomes of Patients Recovering From Surgery

"Findings of this study confirmed the therapeutic value of plants in the hospital environment as a noninvasive, inexpensive, and effective complementary medicine for surgical patients. Health care professionals and hospital administrators need to consider the use of plants and flowers to enhance healing environments for patients."

Biophilia: Does Visual Contact with Nature Impact on Health and Well-Being?

"The biophilia trait can be reinforced or subdued by individual learning. It seems likely, however, that even in individuals who do not express any appreciation for plants and nature, the lack of nature can have a negative effect. Moreover, although the demonstrated effects are not overwhelming, the cost of making nature available, if only as potted plants, is neither prohibiting. In other words, it seems worthwhile to encourage interaction with plants, both outdoor and indoor, as this is likely to be a useful environmental initiative with a sound cost-benefit profile."

Texas A&M University: Plants Increase Idea Generation & Creativity

"A recent article from SW Times highlighted the many benefits of having indoor plants, citing a study carried out by by Texas A&M University. The research found that “employees’ idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills improved substantially in environments that include flowers and plants.” It discovered that men came up with more idea whilst women generated flexible and creative solutions to issues.

In addition to increasing productivity, plants are excellent for improving the morale of workers. Washington State University held an experiment in which houseplants were used to monitor levels of stress within an office. They discovered that participants working in a plant-filled environment were more productive and less stressed than those without any greenery."

A Japanese Study On Plants & Mental Health

"People who kept a small plant on their desk had lower levels of anxiety and stress at the end of a four-week period.

For the study, researchers instructed 63 participants who worked a full-time desk job to take a three-minute break when they felt “fatigued” to tend to, water and gaze at a desk plant. The most popular plants chosen were Japanese kokedamas and succulents."

Why Plants In The Office Make Us More Productive

"The research showed plants in the office significantly increased workplace satisfaction, self-reported levels of concentration, and perceived air quality.

Analyses into the reasons why plants are beneficial suggests that a green office increases employees’ work engagement by making them more physically, cognitively, and emotionally involved in their work."

Interacting with Nature Improves Cognition and Affect for Individuals with Depression

"These findings extend earlier work demonstrating the cognitive and affective benefits of interacting with nature to individuals with MDD. Therefore, interacting with nature may be useful clinically as a supplement to existing treatments for MDD."

How Humble House Plants Can Improve Your Health

"Professor Margaret Burchett and Dr Fraser Torpy report UTS research findings that prove how efficiently indoor plants can remove pollutants, cleanse stale air and reduce symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes, loss of concentration and feelings of 'stuffiness'. Discover the health benefits associated with the presences of indoor plants in raising spirits, reducing feelings of stress or fatigue and improving work productivity and performance."

What's Your Take On House Plants? Let Me Know Below!

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