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How To: Dumbbell Walking Lunges

Dumbbell Walking Lunges
The dumbbell walking lunge is an excellent exercise to obliterate the legs and build both functional size and strength.
Why don't more guys do dumbbell walking lunges? The answer is plain and simple - they suck, they're painful and the amount of effort required to lunge from one side of the gym to the other is immense.

If you're serious about building a strong lower body you'll opt to add the dumbbell walking lunge to your leg workout regime.

Movement: Compound

Targets: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves

Required: Dumbbells

Optional: N/A

Dumbbell Walking Lunges Form:

Grasp a dumbbell in each hand down by your sides with extended arms.

Step forward with your left leg (3 feet) before lowering your upper body by bending the front knee down.

Drive through the heel to raise your body back up to the upright position, bringing your rear leg forward at the same time.

Proceed to step forward with your right leg this time, repeating the above steps.

Continue alternating legs for the desired number of repetitions.

Dunbbell Walking Lunges Variations

Foot placement and step width is everything!

Small Step Walking Lunges

Take a smaller step between each repetition on your dumbbell walking lunges to place greater emphasis on your quads while reducing emphasis on your hamstrings and glutes.

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Large Step Walking Lunges

Take a larger step between each repetition on your dumbbell walking lunges to place greater emphasis on your hamstrings and glutes while reducing emphasis on your quads.

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Common Dumbbell Walking Lunges Mistakes

Dropping Your Knee Onto The Ground

Your knee should come just shy of the ground on each repetition, if you're constantly dropping your back knee on the floor I recommend lowering the weight you're holding to make the exercise more manageable.

Similar & Substitute Exercises 

  • Barbell Walking Lunges
  • Leg Press
  • Goblet Squats

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