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How To: Kettlebell Push-Up

Kettlebell Push-Up
The kettlebell push-up is without a doubt one of the most effective push-up variations out there.
When performing push-ups utilizing a pair of kettlebells your range of motion is greatly increased, improving chest activation as well as the core activation involved.

Movement: Compound

Targets: Chest, Triceps & Core

Required: Kettlebells

Optional: N/A

Kettlebell Push-Up Form:

Place one kettlebell on the floor, assume a push-up position with one hand on the kettlebell and one hand on the floor with your legs extended out behind you as usual.

While maintaining a straight back lower yourself down into the bottom of a push-up.

Explosively drive your torso back up while pushing yourself to the other side of the kettlebell, with your alternate hand landing on the kettlebell handle.

Proceed to perform your next push-up with the alternate hand.

Repeat change-overs for desired number of repetitions.

Kettlebell Push-Up Variations

Decline Kettlebell Push-Ups

Place your feet on a high bench and perform push-ups off of your kettlebell handles, resulting in a large increase in range of motion.

Here Are The Kettlebells I Use & Highly Recommend...

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Common Kettlebell Push-Up Mistakes

Bouncing Your Chest Off The Floor

Your chest should be lowered to the ground in a slow and controlled manner, if you’re bouncing your chest or falling onto the floor you’re going to be taking tension off your chest.

Flaring Your Elbows Out

Elbows flared out to the sides decreases chest engagement while simultaneously increases your risk of shoulder injuries.

Utilizing A Miniscule Range Of Motion

To work the chest in its entirety we must perform the full range of motion! From arms fully extended until your chest is almost touching the ground.

Similar & Substitute Exercises 

  • Incline Push-Ups
  • Decline Push-Ups
  • Flat Barbell Bench Press

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