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How To: Farmers Walks

Farmers Walks

Struggling with underdeveloped forearms and poor grip strength?
Farmers Walks are an old school strongman style exercise for building up your grip strength, forearms and mental toughness.

Movement: Isolation

Targets: Forearms

Required: Kettlebells (or another pair of implements to carry)

Optional: N/A

Farmers Walks Form:

Pick up your kettlebells with a solid grip, drive through your heels and maintain a straight back until you're upright.

Walk for a reasonable distance (50 feet) with small, quick steps - focus on your breathing as you walk.

Here Are The Kettlebells I Use & Highly Recommend...

Rep Fitness kettlebells are super high quality and affordable, I've used some of the big name companies kettlebells and coming in at double the price the quality is identical to that of the highly affordable Rep range of kettlebells. Invest in a high qualtity kettlebell or two that'll stand the test of time here.

Similar & Substitute Exercises 

  • Dead Hangs
  • Finger Board Training

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