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GOMAD Results – The GOMAD Diet for Bulking

Does The GOMAD Diet Work?

As a ‘hard gainer’ putting on size and strength can be extremely difficult, and frustrating… in particular consuming more calories than your body requires to maintain its current state.

When I started out at a mere 135lbs I was struggling to eat multiple chicken breasts and steaks per day, being on a budget I couldn’t quite afford any mass gainer powder yet either.

This is where GOMAD comes in.

In case you haven’t heard of it before GOMAD is short for ‘Gallon of Milk a Day’

There’s no doubt about that by drinking 1 US gallon of milk a day anybody will gain weight.

A gallon of full cream milk contains 120 grams of protein (20% whey protein, 80% casein protein) as well as saturated fat and a modest amount of carbohydrates that will spike your insulin levels.

For reference by following GOMAD you will be adding 2400~ calories to your daily intake.

Now, would I recommend GOMAD?

Yes I would but only if you’re encountering extreme trouble attempting to put on weight.

I would also only recommend following GOMAD for 4 weeks, in this time you’ll gain a noticeable amount of weight, any longer and you’ll begin to stack on too much fat.

If you’re following GOMAD you need to ensure you are lifting as heavy and as intensely as possible.

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If you plan to half ass your workouts don’t follow GOMAD.

If you plan on performing bodyweight only or silly isolation workouts don’t follow GOMAD.

Only follow GOMAD if you’re a hard gainer that’s struggling to gain weight and you are following a heavy compound lifting routine such as Stronglifts 5x5 or the BEASTMODE workout.

If 2400 calories is far too much for you (on top of what you’re already eating) I would recommend performing ½ GOMAD aka. half a gallon of milk per day which equates to 1200 calories.

Does GOMAD work? The answer to that is a loud and resounding ‘Yes!’ but should you choose to implement it into your routine ensure it is only a temporary measure and that you are giving it your all in your workout sessions.

My GOMAD Results

This first attempt was a massive fail, as you can see I ran GOMAD for far too long and ended up quite fat.

That said I did manage to gain a reasonable amount of muscle for a newcomer underneath all that additional body fat. I'm pretty happy with my GOMAD results.

GOMAD Results

After spending some time burning off the additional fat I gained I decided to run 1/2 GOMAD for a month, this worked quite well for me - allowing me to gain a bit more size without all the unnecessary and unwanted fat.

gomad results 2

What are your thoughts on GOMAD? Have any of your hard gainers out there given it a go?
Let me know in the comments below!

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