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The Best Protein Powder for Men

The Best Protein Powder for Men


The age old question "what is the best protein powder?" – there’s so many different variations of protein powder on the market today, with more being released every other day, so let’s dive in and take a look at protein itself.

There's no doubt that protein powder works.

Just remember, you can't just supplement with protein and expect results, you need to train for optimal muscle growth.

Protein comes from two main sources

Whole food protein

Whole food protein consists of:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Red meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy

Supplement protein

Supplement protein consists of powdered or liquid forms of protein such as whey, egg and soy. There are additional forms of supplemental protein, however these are the most common and most relevant to us.


You can build muscle by getting 100% of your protein from whole food sources such as meat and dairy products listed above.

When attempting to consume in excess of 200 grams of protein per day protein supplements do become extremely convenient. It can be hard and quite often impractical to eat such large quantities of meat on a daily basis to reach your protein goal for the day.

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A single scoop of whey protein powder contains between 25 – 30 grams of protein, and only takes a few seconds to mix and drink.

Now that’s convenience!

The Best Protein Powder for Men to Build Muscle

Now, with all these different types of protein supplements which is the one to go for in order to build the most muscle, while not breaking the bank or buying into the hype?

I personally use and recommend whey protein before and after a workout as it is a fast digesting protein.

The whey protein powders I honestly recommend include:

ON Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein

Legion Whey Protein Powder

Legion Whey+ 100% Whey Protein Isolate (Naturally Sweetened)

If you’re looking for a protein powder to take between meals or before bed to aid with recovery I recommend taking casein protein – which is a slow release protein powder that has been proven to aid recovery.

The casein protein I use and recommend is:

ON Casein Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein Powder

What do you think the best protein powder is?

Do you prefer getting your protein from whole foods, or supplementing?

Let me know in the comments below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
I’m SJ. I’m a fitness enthusiast and published author. I transformed my body from a skinny fat 135lbs with 18% body fat to a solid 192lbs at 8% body fat. I became qualified in a field I was passionate about. I founded several online businesses that allow me to pursue ideas and projects in my life that I am passionate about without having to constantly worry about money. I published several eBooks explaining the training and dieting techniques I used to achieve the body I have today. I learnt a plethora of new information on dieting and fitness by reading and applying what I read, to find out what does work and what doesn’t work, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed the health and fitness industry is full of non-sense claims and BS. I found out what was true and what worked for me and applied that knowledge. And you bet I had fun during the whole process.

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