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4 Focus Mitt Drills For Killer Cardio & Conditioning

Focus Mitt Drills - Unconventional Cardio At Its Finest

Unfortunately the misconception that running and the use of the mind-bogglingly boring treadmill as the only means to burn fat and increase your cardio conditioning still continue to pollute online fitness forums, personal trainers and gym-goers alike.

This is far from the truth.

There's far more engaging, efficient, functional means of cardio to burn fat and increase your cardio capacity (which WILL benefit your lifting too!).

Focus mitt drills and pad-work are without a doubt my favourite form of cardio, you don't need to be a UFC fighter or a self-defence expert to put on a pair of focus mitts or gloves - the drills and combos I'll share with you are easy enough to perform while still increasing your coordination, increasing your heart rate, aerobic capacity and in turn increasing the number of calories you burn!

4 Benefits Of Focus Mitt Drills

Since incorporating focus mitt drills into my cardio regime on a weekly basis I've noticed a number of different benefits including:

Focus Mitt Training Burns A Ton Of Calories

If you haven't done any boxing or focus mitt drills for cardio before you'll be surprised just how tiring it is! Explosive punches when performed for a decent amount of volume will send your heart rate through the roof, get you sweating and burning far more calories than if you were walking on a treadmill or jogging stairs.

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Instead of standing still during your drills move around a bit, the feeder (pad holder) should be the leader of movement between combos, keeping the striker on their toes.
Increased movement results in an increased number of calories burned.

If you're just starting out however I recommend familiarize yourself with both the combos and holding the pads before you throw in any movement.

Focus Mitt Training Improves Your Coordination 

Swift jabs, ducking under a wild right hook from your feeder or moving around between driving powerful uppercuts will build your coordination immensely.
Start slow, ensure you're hitting the centre of the pads and over time increase the speed and length of your combos - as I mentioned earlier, focus mitt drills are functuional, this coordination will carry over to other forms of cardio and endeavours (e.g. throwing, catching).

Having your feeder sporadically throwing jabs that require slipping or hooks that require ducking is a great way to improve your coordination and awareness when it comes to confrontations too - if a fist comes flying your way while you're on the streets you'll have a far better (more coordinated) chance of escaping it.

Focus Mitt Drills Can Be Performed Anywhere

You don't need a big treadmill, a ton of open space, any pull-up bars or apparatuses... none of the traditional cardio equipment is required for a great workout with focus mitts.
A good pair of focus mitts are portable and can easily be packed in your car, in your luggage when travelling or anywhere else you can think of placing them for transportation!

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There's no excuse to skip your cardio when you've got a pair of focus mitts. Snowed in and can't get to the gym? No problems - get your focus mitts and your buddy and train at home!

Focus Mitt Drills Reduce Stress

Boss on your ass at work? Struggling to meet deadlines on your entrepreneurial ventures?
'The runners high' is a great feeling, however this cannot replicate the feeling of stress relief that only comes from hitting focus mitts or a heavy bag.

Our evolutionary psychology has not changed a great deal since ancient times - our 'fight or flight' response when we encounter or sense danger remains intact, however in the time we're living in how often do we fight?

I believe hitting your combos, slipping, ducking and striking not only gives you one of the best bang for your buck functional cardio workouts, but it also satisfies this primitive fighting desire.

Without Further Adieu... 4 Focus Mitt Drills For Killer Cardio Conditioning & Fat Loss


1, 2, 1, 2 Combo

Throw a left jab, followed by a right cross.
Repeat for the desired number of rounds - for fat loss and conditioning I recommend working on a timed interval basis as opposed to a number of punches.

Alternate between striking and feeding for 45 seconds at a time.
Repeat for 10 rounds for an effective HIIT workout.

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Cover 'N' Counter Combo

The feeder (pad holder) throws a strike - either a jab or a hook.
The striker blocks the strike and immediately counters with a right cross.

Repeat for 15 strikes with the feeder alternating between different punches (left jab, right cross, left hook, right hook).
The striker should counter with a powerful right hand each time.

Jab, Jab, Uppercut Combo

A personal favourite of mine, this is a great combo incorporating both speed and explosive power.

The striker throws two quick left jabs before immediately exploding into a powerful backhand (right) uppercut.
The jabs don't need much power behind them, as soon as the jab connects immediately draw it back then quickly fire it off again.
The striker should then bend their knees to drop down before powering up into the uppercut.

Alternate between striking and feeding for 45 seconds at a time.
Repeat for 10 rounds for an effective HIIT workout.

The 8 Count Combo

A slightly longer, more advanced focus mitt drill.
Familiarize yourself with the basics before you move onto the 8 count.

Throw a 1, 2, 3, 2 combo (jab, cross, lead hook, cross) before ducking under the feeders hook.
Throw a 2, 3 (cross, lead hook) combo before ducking under the feeders opposite hook and countering, once again with a 2, 3 (cross, lead hook).

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What's Your Go-To Focus Mitt Or Pad Combination? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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