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The Master-Key To Riches Summary by Napoleon Hill

The Master-Key To Riches Summary

When it comes to self-development and self-improvement books there's a million and one out there, yet there are only so many 'success principles' and time-tested strategies to make progress and get what you want out of life.
The vast majority are rehashes, they're reworded versions of a title written years earlier.

Napoleon Hill is one of those originals.

If I were to recommend a handful of books to a guy looking to turn around his life, be it to overcome the adversity he's currently facing or be it to build some momentum and get out of a slump in terms of goals and aspirations a title or two from Napoleon Hill would be included, no doubt.

'Think And Grow Rich' is Hill's #1 best-seller, but the title he wrote 8 years later, 'The Master-Key To Riches' somehow flew under the radar.

Instead of picking up the latest self-help book at the bookstore do yourself a favour and grab yourself a copy of this classic.

Actionable Advice From The Master-Key To Riches

You Must Have Definiteness of Purpose

From the greatest leaders the world has seen to inventors, entrepreneurs and visionaries... every individual that's attained success by societies measures began with a clear vision of what they wanted.

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How can you attain success if you have no vision of what that success is?

Like a ship without a rudder, you'll continue to sail around without ever reaching your destination.

Not only must you BEGIN with definitness of purpose, you must continue to hold this in your mind with each shortcoming and setback you encounter.

Don't lose focus due to adversity, make small adjustments and continue on your path.

You Must Go The Extra Mile

If you want more than everyone else you must be willing to do more than everyone else. Simple.

This applies to your business, your relationships and your physique.

You can't expect to take out first place in your Men's Physique competition or be the first person across the line of your Spartan Race if you're only putting in the bare minmum.

It's the guy that pays that little bit more attention to his diet, that does that extra cardio session on a Friday night while everyone else is out at the bar...

It's this individual that goes the extra mile that's rewarded with the trophy, the pay rise, the glory...

The pot of gold is beyond the end of the rainbow, you must go the extra mile to get it.

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Stay longer than everyone else.

Do that one more rep.

If you want more you must do more.

You cannot expect more if you do less.

Make Decisions Quickly (Don't Procrastinate!)

When given all the information on an event or opportunity you should be able to make a decision quickly.

Whether this be a yes or no that's up to you.

Procrastination and deliberating for hours on end when you've got all the information in front of you is a clear sign of lack of purpose.

Does this opportunity align with my purpose? If so it should be a loud and resounding 'Yes!' as soon as you're told about it.

If it doesn't, a simple 'No' will suffice. You only have some many hours and so much energy each day - dont' waste it on things that're out of line with your goals.

It's All In the Mind

A PMA (Positive mental attitude) is the key to riches.

Your mind is the only thing you have control over.

We like to think we're in control of everything, but that's far from the case...

We can't control the actions of others, the weather, the way people will respond to us...

All we can control are our own thoughts and actions (which stem from those thoughts).

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As such, all wealth begins in the mind.

The ancient stoics understood and preached this.

Ideas Are Priceless

Ideas are priceless.

Every other asset has a fixed price, be it $25 or $1,000.

Ideas don't cost a cent and they can make you unfathomable riches.

"Ideas form the foundation of all fortunes, the starting point of all inventions. They have mastered the air above us and the waters of the ocean around us; they have enabled us to harness andf use the invisible energies of the universe."

How can you begin to conjur up ideas that'll change your life? you must begin with definiteness of purpose.

Listen More Than You Speak (Always Be Learning!)

When in doubt of whether you should be speaking or listening, opt to listen.

Wise men become wise by listening and learning, regardless of how well accomplished you perceive yourself to be there's something to be learned from everyone.

Wise men have an open mind, you must have an open mind to be well-educated.

If you're always talking and never listening you're not going to pick up any new knowledge.

Knowledge is key.

There's No Success Without Self-Discipline

Be ready to deflect

You can be a subject matter expert on weight loss, but if you lack self-discipline you'll find you're never able to lose weight.

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Self-discipline trumps all.

An individual with limited knowledge that has iron self-discipline will achieve far more than a subject matter expert with limited discipline, as consistency is key.

You must be willing to stay true to the course and hold yourself accountable.

This begins by taking control and exercising your self-discipline on yoru body and your mind.

A fit and healthy individual is the sign of strong self-discipline.

This self-discipline can then be applied to business or any other endeavour that relates to their definiteness of purpose.

If you fail to control your own body and mind you'll never be able to control anything else.

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