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5 Big Benefits Of Tennis Ball Self Massage

Tennis Ball Self Massage!
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When it comes to recovery after an intense workout or getting rid of those tight, achy muscles the first thought is often $$$$.

A quality rumble roller isn't particularly cheap, a trip to the physio, a deep tissue massage or a visit to an infrared sauna are also going to run you up quite a few dollars.

This, in my experience is the #1 reason why gym-goers and even office workers don't bother to do anything about the niggling aches and pains they're encountering from both lifting and poor posture...

Here's the thing. You don't need to outlay a cent.

Got a tennis ball laying around? You're set.

5 Big Benefits Of Tennis Ball Self Massage

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No Need To Spend A Cent

Now, I'm not dismissing the foam rollers and trigger point balls on the market, I paid $70 for a MobilityWOD self masage ball and I don't regret it at all, but it's not a necessity.

A tennis ball on the other hand costs next to nothing, you've probably already got one laying around in your garage - and if you don't you're only going to need to outlay a dollar or two to pick up a bunch of tennis balls!

No need for any other apparatuses or books, just a tennis ball and this guide, no excuses.

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Fantastic For Increasing Flexibility & Range Of Motion

If you've been hitting your military press, bench press or pull-ups hard chances are you've built up a ton of shoulder tension without realizing it... a few simple trigger point holds on your deltoids against a wall with your tennis ball will have your shoulders feeling far looser, resulting in a more fluid movement, increased range of motion and flexibility.

Instant Relief

And the best part of tennis ball self massage - the relief is instant!

Before every shoulder and chest workout I perform I spend several minutes working around my pectorals and deltoids against a wall with my tennis ball - sore, tight muscles are alleviated almost instantly!

Don't believe me?

Test your range of motion and do a couple of sets of the upper body exercise of your choice before spending 5 minutes focusing on your knots and trigger points with your tennis ball.

Perform the same range of motion test and exercise sets afterwards... you'll be surprised at your increase in range of motion as well as fluidity of movement instantly.

Extremely Easy To Follow

You don't need to have comprehensive knowledge of muscle groups, skeletal systems or anything else for that matter to find and fix your knots and muscle soreness with a tennis ball.

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Simply refer to the trigger point sites in the guide below, roll the tennis ball slowly around the area until you locate the knot or troublesome area and hold the ball in this spot, applying as much pressure as possible without too much discomfort.

Now, tennis ball self massage is far from comfortable - but as I said, you can literally feel the tension releasing as you grit your teeth and bare the pain.

No Space? No Worries! You Don't Need Much

If you're living in a small condo or want to perform tennis ball self massage in your cubical at work that's not a problem whatsoever - a large portion of the upper body trigger point sites (such as the pectoral, lat and deltoid) can all be worked efficiently standing up and rolling the ball against a wall - you don't need to lay down or spread out unless you're working on your lower body.

I recommend picking up a pack of tennis balls, keeping one at home, one in your gym bag and one at work - whenever you need to work out knots or niggling pain due to hunching over in the office or from smashing a new personal best on the bench press you'll have a tennis ball, this guide and sufficient space at your disposal!

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Get Started With Tennis Ball Self Massage

Click the image below to check out my article dedicated to utilizing your tennis ball for upper and lower body self massage.


What's Your Take On Tennis Ball Self Massage? Let Me Know In the Comments Below!

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