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How To Write An Article A Day

How To Write An Article A Day

The publishing of content on Ignore Limits has been sporadic over the last few years to say the least.
From one extreme like two articles a day to periods of no new content for months.

That is changing.

My primary goal for 2020 is to write, edit and publish a new blog post each and every day on this blog.

That'll be 365 new articles come December 31st, 2020.

Sure, additional traffic will be one of several side effects to this monumental increase in content production.

But that's not my why.

My why is to increase discipline.

From my experience it's one thing to go to the gym and lift or do fasted cardio when you're not feeling up to it.
Regardless of how much or how little sleep I've had, how stressed I'm feeling or how much I'd rather be doing something else I can make myself do it with ease.

One thing I cannot make myself do with ease is sit down and write.

This is about forging discipline.

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Here's How To Write An Article A Day

You Must Read More Than You Write

In order to write often you must read MORE often.
Eliminate Netflix, YouTube etc. and read a combination of genres.

Fiction, philosophy, fitness, personal development - anything potentially relevant to the genres you write about.

Not only will you gain knowledge and new insights to write about and discuss, you'll also expand your vocabulary you'll discover excellent examples of sentence and paragraph structure.

You Must Experience Things Firsthand (Try New Things Often!)

Become a mad scientist in your field.

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In my case this means trying new dieting protocols, supplements, exercises and workout routines to share my experience on what works and what does not.

You cannot just reword and base your work off the account of another. You must experience it for yourself.

As the old saying goes "It's one thing to study war and another to live the warrior's life."

Like All Habits, You Must Have A Trigger

Like all positive habits you must implement a trigger, initiating the moment this habit starts.

Upon waking I boil the kettle and make myself a strong black coffee... this is my trigger. This is the prompt that gets me seated in my office and beginning to write.

I do not leave that chair until the first draft is done.

Once the first draft is done it's time to hit the gym.

I then return later in the day to add any additions and proof my work.

Listen To Binaural Beats To Block Distractions & Help You Focus

Binaural beat meditation is fantastic method that you should experiment with.

Binaural beats work by playing two different frequencies to each ear, whether you choose to listen to these beats while meditating or thinking deeply you'll be left feeling amazing with increased focus and productivity as a byproduct.

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What's Your Take On How To Write An Article A Day? Let Me Know Below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
I’m SJ. I’m a fitness enthusiast and published author. I transformed my body from a skinny fat 135lbs with 18% body fat to a solid 192lbs at 8% body fat. I became qualified in a field I was passionate about. I founded several online businesses that allow me to pursue ideas and projects in my life that I am passionate about without having to constantly worry about money. I published several eBooks explaining the training and dieting techniques I used to achieve the body I have today. I learnt a plethora of new information on dieting and fitness by reading and applying what I read, to find out what does work and what doesn’t work, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed the health and fitness industry is full of non-sense claims and BS. I found out what was true and what worked for me and applied that knowledge. And you bet I had fun during the whole process.

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