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How To Target Inner Calves

How To Target Inner Calves

Struggling to add size and strength to your inner calves? Here's the fix...

In order to hit our calves it's important you understand what we're actually hitting.
The gastrocnemius attaches just below your knee on the back of your leg, here's the often neglected and misunderstood point...

The gastrocnemius has 2 heads

The medial head of the gastrocnemius is the inner portion of your calves.

The lateral head of the gastrocnemius is the outer portion of your calves.

 If the medial or lateral head of your gastrocnemius are lagging behind we can alter our foot position to target the desired head.

Hit Your Inner Calves With The Seated Calf Raise

Once seated on your calf raise machine with the pads adjusted correctly over your thighs begin to lift your heels up as high as you can by driving through the balls of your feet.

Pause for 1 second and flex your calf muscles at the top of the repetition.

Begin to lower your heels to return to the start of the repetition.

Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Foot Placement To Target Inner Calves

In order to target the inner portion of the calves, aka. the medial head of your gastrocnemius we must point out toes outwards.

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Position your toes out while calf raising on your seated calf raise machine, smith machine, leg press or donkey calf raise and you'll be placing the majority of tension on your inner calves.

The #1 Calf Raise Mistake

Not Contracting At The Top Of The Movement

In order to attain full benefit of the calf raise you MUST pause for a second at the top of the movement and flex your calves, do not opt to simply bounce the weight up and down without focusing on the time and quality of tension on the muscle.

Contracting at the top of the movement will not only increase activation, but you'll ensure you're not utilizing momentum for your repetitions.

What's Your Take on Alternating Foot Position On Calf Raises? Let Me Know Below!

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