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How To: Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

The go-to piece of exercise equipment for hotel and home gyms alike, the lat pulldown is a worthy isolation exercise for the back, however I cannot stress that the lat pulldown should not be prioritized or used instead of the pull-up.

The close grip lat puldown is the variation I tend to perform in order to build a thicker looking back (as opposed to width via wide grip exercises).

Movement: Isolation

Targets: Back

Required: Lat Pulldown Machine

Optional: Close Grip Attachment

Close Grip Lat Pulldown Form:

Assume a grip on the  close grip lat pulldown bar with your palms facing towards each other.

Tilt your torso 30 degrees, this will be the angle your torso maintains for the duration of your set.

Pull your arms down and back, contracting your shoulder blades while maintaining the 30 degree torso tilt, when performed correctly you should feel the stretch coming through your lats as opposed to your arms.

Once the bar reaches your upper chest hold and contract this position for 1 second.

Slowly extend your arms to return the bar to the starting position with arms fully extended.

Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Close Grip Lat Pulldown Variations

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Utilizing a wide bar with a wide grip on the lat pulldown places emphasis on building the width of the back (as it works the outer portion).

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Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown

By switching up your grip and utilizing a supinated (palms facing you) grip you'll place additional emphasis on the biceps.

Common Close Grip Lat Pulldown Mistakes

Using Partial Range Of Motion

Each repetition should begin with your arms fully extended  and end with the close grip attachment up against your upper chest with your shoulder blades squeezed together.
Most guys continue to up and up the weight as their range of motion and form begins to degrade... don't be one of them.

Jerking Your Body To Complete The Repetition

The duration of the repetition should be slow and controlled, the top (contraction) portion of the repetition is by far the hardest, and if you're jerking your entire body to get the contraction this is a clear sign it's time to drop the weight down a bit.

Remaining Too Upright

If you're sitting too upright you'll find you begin to round your shoulder to pull the weight down, the slight lean back mitigates this.

Not Squeezing The Shoulder Blades Together

Every back exercise comes down to getting the correct contraction - the contraction is a result of squeezing your shoulder blades together and tensing your back muscles as you've pulled the weight towards your torso. You cannot get this contraction without squeezing the shoulder blades.

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I feel as if I repeat this point far too often, however for years I was merely training my back without contracting the muscles correctly... needless to say for a few years my back lagged behind the rest of my physique in terms of both size and strength.


Similar & Substitute Exercises 

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  • Seated CableRow
  • Pull-Ups
  • Inverted Row

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