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5 Reasons Why Eggs Are Natures Multivitamin

Eggs Are Natures Multivitamin... Here's Why

When the majority of gym-goers think of eggs they likely think "eggs are good, they've got a few grams of protein in them".
The importance of eggs in your diet goes far deeper than that, instead of starting the day with a few eggs it's far more convenient to put a few scoops of whey protein into your shaker and head out the door...

You'll be getting your protein but you'll be missing out on a plethora of other benefits that come from starting your day with eggs, deemed natures multivitamin for a reason.

1 - Yolks Are LOADED With Nutrients

Many bodybuilders opt to only eat egg whites as protein is their main concern, however all of the nutrients contained within your eggs are in the yolk.
In one large egg yolk you'll find the following:

  • 6% of your daily Vitamin A
  • 15% of your daily Vitamin B2
  • 7% of your daily Vitamin B5
  • 9% of your daily Vitamin B12
  • 22% of your daily Selenium

But that's not all, you'll also find iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, potassium and Vitamin E within your egg yolk.

2 - Whites Are Loaded With Protein

The white of a regular size egg contains around 7 grams of high quality protein, kick off your day with 4 eggs and you'll get in just shy of 30 grams of the highest quality protein you can find along with a large portion of your daily intake of the aforementioned vitamins and minerals.

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3 - Eggs Contain A Large Amount of Choline

Unless you're going out of your way to eat a lot of beef liver (which I guarantee very few of us are!) you're likely deficient in choline.

Choline is required for a variety of different processes in our body, but it's also a fantastic brain-booster.

Choline is a component of cell membranes and also sythesizes acetylcholine.

Low in choline? insufficient levels of choline have been linked to neurological, heart and liver complications.

A canadian study discovered that less than 25% of women were acquiring a sufficient amount of choline from their diet, this is concerning as low choline has also been linked to a decrease in cognitive function in babies.

Eat your eggs, you'll acquire around 115mg~ of choline per large egg.

4 - Eggs Contain A Perfect Profile of Amino Acids

All protein is not equal.

The quality of protein is determined by the amount and ratio of amino acids that form that source of protein.

There are 21 different amino acids out there and our bodies are unable to produce 9 of these amino acids on their own (these are deemed essential amino acids).

As such your body relies on your diet to obtain high quality amino acids.

Eggs literally score a perfect 100/100 in terms of the quality and availability of amino acids - something you will never be able to say about popular alternative sources of protein (e.g. powder).

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in the IIFYM world (if it fits your macros) a gram of protein is a gram of protein... this may be true when it comes to body composition but I guarantee you will feel and perform better if you derive your protein from a complete source such as eggs - I speak from my own experience after adding 5 eggs a day to my diet.

5 - Eggs Are Fantastic For Satiety (Keeping You Full)

There have been numerous studies linking the consumption of eggs for breakfast to fat loss.
Eggs are loaded with protein and fats while containing nothing in the way of carbohydrates.

This comes as no surprise as eggs are atop the list of foods that're the best at initiating satiety, acheiving satiety early in the day means you're less likely to consume a ton of excess calories later in the day. Individuals that start their day off with big old bowl of sugary cereal (which contains way more calories to begin with) and then far more likely according to studies to consume a large number of calories later in the day as sugar-laden cereals are extremely poor at achieiving and maintaining satiety.

Want to drop some body fat or lose weight in general? Start your day off with a few eggs - you'll stay full far longer (while also getting a complete protein and tons of nutrients!) than if you opted for a cereal or fruit for breakfast.

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A Few Interesting Studies On Eggs... 

Short-term effect of eggs on satiety in overweight and obese subjects.

"During the pre-lunch period, participants had greater feelings of satiety after the egg breakfast, and consumed significantly less energy."

Consuming eggs for breakfast influences plasma glucose and ghrelin, while reducing energy intake during the next 24 hours in adult men.

"These findings suggest that consumption of eggs for breakfast results in less variation of plasma glucose and insulin, a suppressed ghrelin response, and reduced energy intake."

Variation in the effects of three different breakfast meals on subjective satiety and subsequent intake of energy at lunch and evening meal.

"Participants showed increased satiety, less hunger and a lower desire to eat after the breakfast containing eggs relative to the cereal (p < 0.02), and croissant-based meals (p < 0.0001). The egg breakfast was also accompanied by a significantly lower intake of energy relative to the croissant- and cereal-based breakfasts at the buffet lunch and evening meal."

Associations of egg consumption with cardiovascular disease

Among Chinese adults, a moderate level of egg consumption (up to <1 egg/day) was significantly associated with lower risk of CVD, largely independent of other risk factors.

Effect of a high-egg diet on cardiometabolic risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes

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"People with prediabetes or T2D who consumed a 3-mo high-egg weight-loss diet with a 6-mo follow-up exhibited no adverse changes in cardiometabolic markers compared with those who consumed a low-egg weight-loss diet. A healthy diet based on population guidelines and including more eggs than currently recommended by some countries may be safely consumed."

What's Your Take On Eggs Being Deemed Natures Multivitamin? Let Me Know Below!

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