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10 Things That Should Be In Every Bodybuilders Fridge

10 Things That Should Be In Every Bodybuilders Fridge

I recently caught a few episodes of Men's Health in which notable athletes show off their gym as well as their fridge.
I should've expected it but nevertheless these episodes are all about product placement and advertising. It's BS.

You what to know what ingredients you'll find in a bodybuilders fridge, not what brand of vegan mayonnaise Kevin Hart uses.

Let's delve into 10 things you'll find in a bodybuilders fridge - from snacks to meal prep ingredients.
I literally have all of these in my fridge at this exact moment (well, the blueberries I have are frozen but I opt for fresh blueberries whenever possible).

1 - Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid egg whites are without a doubt one of the best sources of complete protein you'll find in your supermarket.
Many hardcore bodybuilders drink these bad boys straight from the carton, you don't need to do that.

Mix your liquid egg whites in with your protein shake or use them to cook an omelette.

You'll find around 24 grams of protein per cup of liquid egg whites (that's as much as a scoop of whey protein!).

2 - Eggs

Scramble them, poach them, serve them sunny-side up, hell... you can even throw an egg or two (including the shell) directly into your blender for your post-workout smoothie.
My first meal of the day as well as my post-workout smoothie always contain at least a couple of eggs.

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You'll find between 6g - 8g of protein per large egg making eggs one of the cheapest sources of protein you'll find (and easily in the top 5 staples a bodybuilder needs in their fridge at all times).

3 - Blueberries

Evidence suggests that the consumption of blueberries may be effective in improving or delaying short term memory loss.

Staff at the Scripps Memorial Hospital say that in animal studies researchers have found that blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Studies have also shown that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both the learning capacity and motor skills of aging rats, making them mentally equivalent to much younger rats.

Blueberries are without a doubt the most accessible, inexpensive option to add some flavor and powerful antioxidants to your diet.
Add them to your shakes, to your proats or snack of them by themselves - you can't go wrong.

Calorie wise you'll find just under 100 calories per cup of blueberries.
Add a cup in with your proats and blend another cup worth of blueberries in one of your smoothies and you've easily got yourself another 200 calories a day.

4 - Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts, loaded with lean and mean protein,

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You'll find around 31 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken breast, so the average chicken breast will provide you with around 80g - 90g of protein, as such just about every bodybuilder I know keeps a number of fresh chicken breasts in their fridge (with a whole heap of frozen chicken breasts in their freezer too).

I spent about 5 years eating two chicken breasts a day, back when I was bulking up from a mere 145lbs I would melt cheese over the top of one chicken breast and eat that for lunch with brocolli and brown rice, then for dinner I'd slice open a chicken breast and bake it with a few slices of pineapple inside... most bodybuilders consuming chicken breast don't go too over the top in terms of preparation and taste, with many just choosing to boil and dice their chicken breast to keep it as clean as possible.

Regardless of how and when you prepare it you'll find he chicken breast to be a staple in any bodybuilders fridge.

5 - Almond Milk

Whether you don't want dairy in your diet (many of us become intolerant as we get older) or you're looking to reduce your caloric intake as you're in a cutting phase almond milk is a must have in your fridge.
Unsweetened chocolate and unsweetened vanilla almond milk has significantly lower calories than skim milk and tastes fantastic.

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Combine some almond milk, protein powder, blueberries and oats together and you've got yourself an amazing breakfast or post-workout shake that won't leave you feeling bloated and lethargic like it would if you were to use full cream cows milk.

6 - Spinach

Spinach is quite literally the most nutrient dense vegetable by weight.

It's cheap as hell too in comparison to broccoli and other nutrient rich vegetables.

Blend it in your shakes (I do this twice a day) make a salad with spinach or simply make a bed of spinach leaves for your next chicken breast or steak. Get it in however you can.

Spinach is chalk full of protein, vitamin A, iron, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B5, biotin, and boron.

7 - Bananas

The banana is my go-to fruit whenever I'm in a bulking phase - they taste sweet, they cost very little and they are extremely easy to eat!
Loaded with potassium and vitamin B6 you'll be getting around 130 calories for a medium sized banana - eat a few throughout the day as snacks and even blend a couple up into your smoothies (I've got some recipes for you below) and you'll easily add another 400 - 500~ calories per day to your diet.

Many bodybuilders like to eat a banana or two as a pre-workout snack, unlike many other fruit the banana is in season year round so its a reliable staple food for the bodybuilders fridge with the price and availability always being reliable.

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8 - Greek Yogurt

Basic unflavored Greek Yogurt is an essential item in any serious bodybuilders fridge, unlike regular yogurt which has very little in the way of protein while containing a ton of carbohydrates and fats the Greek variation is loaded with protein.
You'll find around 20 grams of protein per 8 ounce serving.

Now, here's the thing - there are many 'Greek Style' yogurts on the shelves of your supermarket - these are not the same as legitimate Greek Yogurt.
Greek Yogurt is thick as it's been strained of any excess water etc. it's essentially a super concentrated yogurt with the texture to match - on the other hand 'Greek Style' yogurt is regular yogurt that has been thickened up to replicate the consistency of our high protein Greek yogurt. Proceed with caution when shopping as the writing can be quite small and hard to see.

Throw some Greek Yogurt in your shakes, mix some up with berries and whey protein and eat it in a bowl or just have a tablespoon here and there as a high protein bodybuilding snack.

9 - Cottage Cheese

I'm going to be honest, cottage cheese is an acquired taste - it's pretty hard to eat it at the very beginning without mixing some fruit, jelly or black pepper in along with it.
After a bit of research on how to stomach cottage cheese I found pineapple to be one of the most common mixers - do whatever you have to do make it bearable.

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These days I down a couple of tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese by itself without issues, you'll be doing the same too after a couple of months of cottage cheese becoming a staple in your fridge.

Most bodybuilders reserve their cottage cheese for before bed as not only is it loaded with protein it's loaded with slow release casein protein, making cottage cheese the perfect before bed snack to drip feed your muscles overnight.

10 - Ground Beef

Bodybuilding can quickly become an expensive sport - the gym membership, the supplements, the training equipment let alone the food... that's why ground beef is the #1 meat you'll find in a bodybuilders fridge.
Extremely affordable, high in protein and versatile - ground beef with basmati rice and ground beef with sweet potato are two meals you'll find every other bodybuilder eating on a daily basis. Add in some chilli powder or whatever your seasoning of choice may be.

What's Your Take On These Bodybuilders Fridge Ingredients? Let Me Know Below!

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