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The 10-10-10 Incline Treadmill Workout For Killer Conditioning

The 10-10-10 Incline Treadmill Workout

When it comes to building conditioning be it for boxing, an obstacle course race or overall well-being there's a ton of 'experts' over-complicating things.

"Wear a heart rate monitor and run until you're at 75% of your max heart rate for 8 intervals."

"Look at this graph and only perform cardio on the days that the horizontal line is below the 3rd threshold."

You spend your workout in a state of paralysis by analysis, not knowing if you're in the right heart rate zone.

The 10-10-10 incline treadmill workout below requires nothing more than a treadmill - no apps or monitors.

It'll test you both mentally and physically when you're amidst the workout but afterwards the feeling of accomplishments and conditioning gains that'll come with doing this often are well worth it.

Hit the workout below 2 - 3 times a week and watch the calories melt off as your conditioning increases. I've personally found great vascularity gains too since I've added this workout into my arsenal.

Here's The Incline Treadmill Workout...

Don't Forget To Apply Progressive Overload!

Pictured above is the standard routine, once you're able to smash through the 10-10-10 it's time to apply progressive overload.

if you want to continue to build your cardio you must challenge your cardio - if you're breezing through 10 rounds it's time to make some adjustments, there's a few ways we can do that.

  • Increase the speed of your sprints
  • Increase the incline of the treadmill
  • Decrease the rest time between sprints
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Which should you do first? That comes down entirely to your end state goal.
Want to get faster? In that case you're going to want to increase the speed of your sprints before you begin adjusting the incline or rest periods.

What's Your Take On This Incline Treadmill Workout? Let Me Know Below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
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