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Warrior Wisdom Book Summary

Warrior Wisdom

Warrior Wisdom contains the modern translation and analysis of 8 ancient books including Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’.

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while, you can pick up a copy here.

Warrior Wisdom PDF

The key points I took away from this great book include:

 Momentum is everything

Get started! The beginning is always the hardest. Your snowball will quickly become an avalanche of success if you continue to put in the work without taking lengthy periods of time off. Once momentum is gained do not lose it.

Don’t skip workouts. Don’t cheat on your diet. This is an example of losing momentum.

Timing matters

Regardless of your skill, talent or perceived luck timing can make all the difference. Strike at the right time.

Businesses succeed and fail based on their timing entering the marketplace.

Use fear to your advantage

Fear and growth go hand-in-hand. You will not encounter one without the other.

Remove your proverbial ‘escape route’. Give yourself no other option but to succeed and you will do just that. We push ourselves that much further when we’re forced with our backs against the wall.

Below are the most powerful quotes I highlighted throughout the book…


On timing

“Everything should be done at the appropriate moment. Even if you are endowed with talent, eloquence, and wisdom, y, you will be able to use them only at the right moment.”

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“Flexibility is stronger than firmness”

“A war may last for several years but its final outcome can be determined in a single day.”

On life

“Life can alternate between prosperity and adversity.
You cannot escape from this fact of life. When you encounter hardship keep your head cool and take your time in dealing with it, as if you are coping with an afternoon shower. Otherwise, you will never be able to accomplish a goal.”

“Your talents are finite, but your desire for luxury is not. People seek a life of luxury and few can live within their means.”

“Life is a series of bets. Accept with a smile when you lose.”

“Lack of knowledge will destroy your life and body.”

Life is limited and death is inescapable. To improve the quality of your life, you need to live with a sense of purpose.”

On finances

“If you want to emulate a wealthy person live within your means and lead a frugal life to build up your wealth.”

“Frugality may appear foolish, but will always lead to success. Extravagance may appear prudent, but will always lead to failure.
If your mind is focused on a frugal life, you will become rich.”

On power

“When people sit in the seat of power, they start to feel that nothing is impossible; they lose  themselves and are manipulated by the temptation of power. Beware.”

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“A winner is someone who naturally goes with the flow and follows the right path. A loser is someone who takes a shortcut and gets lost.”

“When you attack the evil forces by riding the tide of time, enormous power will be unleashed.”

 On practise

“If you are prepared, you can get through anything. Being prepared means you have a certain procedure to follow.”

“There is always a wall before growth.”

“To form yourself, you need to struggle in reality and gain experience to make yourself tough and grow up.”

“The cause of failure  lies in the unwillingness to look at the whole picture.”

On momentum

“The beginning is always important. The beginning is determined by how you prepare yourself.”

“If you succeed in gaining momentum, you will win.”

“A sense of urgency will be lost when tranquillity prevails.”

“When you are building up momentum, you will become confident.”

“Move with the flow to gain momentum and increase destructive power.”

On Simplification

“By simplifying your life, toughness, positivity, the ability to taker action, and gumption will also come out.”

On fear

You are scared until you step into the fear. Once you are in it, feelings of fear disappear. Likewise, once the battle begins, all you can do is take action and you don’t have time to fear.”

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“If you stop feeling fear you no longer have improvement or growth.”

“Do not escape, dive in. you will find development and growth of life there.”

“Soldiers will become fearless when driven into a corner.”

“To make soldiers fight in desperation, deploy them to dangerous zones.”

Get your copy here.

What're your thoughts on Warrior Wisdom? Let me know in the comments below!

Scott J.
Scott J.
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