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How To: Decline Push-Up

Decline Push-Up

The decline push-up is a great strength and size builder for the chest, triceps and shoulders - particularly if you're low on both space and equipment for a gym!

The deline push-up is the hardest push-up variation out of the incline/flat/decline options available.
Master the decline push-up and consider adding additional resistance to your decline push-up (place a weight plate on your back) before progressing to the one arm push-up.

Movement: Compound

Targets: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Required: Bench

Optional: N/A

Decline Push-Up Form:

Position your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width.

Straighten your arms while ensuring they remain perpendicular to your body, walk your feet backward onto a raised surface (e.g. bench or box).

Lower your chest down to the floor by flexing and bending your arms.

Once your chest has touched the floor proceed to drive your body back up until your arms are fully extended.

Decline Push-Up Variations

One Arm Decline Push-Up

This is an advanced push-up variation that requires immense chest, core and triceps strength to pull off.
With one arm behind your back proceed to lower your chest as you would a normal push-up before driving back up until your arm is fully extended.

Weighted Decline Push-Up

Consider adding additional resistance to your push-up, opt to add a 45lb plate on your back with the assistance of a spotter for the duration of your set.

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Common Decline Push-Up Mistakes

Bouncing Your Chest Off The Floor

Your chest should be lowered to the ground in a slow and controlled manner, if you're bouncing your chest or falling onto the floor you're going to be taking tension off your chest.

Flaring Your Elbows Out

Elbows flared out to the sides decreases chest engagement while simultaneously increases your risk of shoulder injuries.

Utilizing A Miniscule Range Of Motion

To work the chest in its entirety we must perform the full range of motion! From arms fully extended until your chest is almost touching the ground.

Similar & Substitute Exercises 

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  • Kettlebell Push-Up

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