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Eat That Frog – How To Build Momentum And Get Things Done Every Single Day

Eat That Frog (It's Not As Bad As It Sounds!)

“If the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is eat a live frog, then nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day!”

Eat That Frog Summary Brian Tracy

It goes against our desire to start the day by eating our proverbial frog. Procrastination is all too apparent, you may start the day with a to-do list containing exactly what needs to get done that day... and more often than not when the sun set and we begin to take inventory of our day the hardest tasks are still outstanding.

We ticked out a bunch of things, we felt productive but what we did really wasn't even that important.

We didn't man up and eat the frog.

Brian Tracy, author of 'Eat That Frog!' believes that in order to build momentum and achieve great things we need to start our day by performing the hardest task first. Because if you can get through the hardest task on your to do list the rest will be effortless, you'll have that confidence and positive momentum behind you as you speed through the rest of your day like a freight train at full speed, headed downhill.

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Don't Think About It, Just Do It

“The hardest part of any important task is getting started on it in the first place. Once you actually begin work on a valuable task, you seem to be naturally motivated to continue.” - Brian Tracy

Eating frogs and completing your hardest task first isn't always pleasant - this is why thinking about it only makes it harder.

If your hardest task were to be performed last you'd probably spend all day thinking about what could go wrong, why you shouldn't do it and you'd eventually fall victim to analysis by paralysis - you'd get yourself so psyched up that you would convince yourself you didn't know how to do your hardest task or you'd find a way to justify to yourself why it could wait until another day.

The high achievers, ultra-producers and ass kickers in this world KNOW that the longer they debate these tasks, the harder they become and the less likely they are to get done in turn.

They start every day doing the task they're not fond of but is more important to their success.

Discipline is built through repetition, repetition, repetition.

Once you've built discipline you'll find yourself taking action based on your values, not your feelings.

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The loser dismisses and avoids his frog because he wakes up and doesn't 'feel' like doing it, maybe they're tired, sad or de-motivated...

The winner takes action based upon his values, he doesn't give a fuck whether he's tired, sad or de-motivated...

He knows that these temporary, negative feelings will soon be eradicated by eating his frog, and getting your hardest task done first that falls in-line with your goals is uplifting.

Know What Your Frog Is - Plan Ahead

“One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that need not to be done at all.” - Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog Brian Tracy Summary

The best 'productivity hack' in the world is to actually know what to do.

Your frog shouldn't be a spur of the moment task, it shouldn't be decided when you wake up in the morning...

The biggest, ugliest frog you have should be known about in advance.

Plan your day the evening before, create a to-do list the write way and combine this with proven time management techniques such as the Pomdoro Technique and you'll be setting yourself up for success.

Everyone's frog will be different...

Kicking off your day with an ice cold shower.

Writing 2,000 words...

Performing 10 rounds of deadmill sprints...

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These are a few difficult, uncomfortable tasks which can make all the difference in your life.

But the key is to KNOW what your frog is and PLAN how you're going to get it done.

The man without a plan is the one who will falter and fail, and that's not going to be you.

Know in advance.

Then wake up early and bon appetite.

Keep The Momentum Rolling!

“The most valuable tasks you can do each day are often the hardest and most complex. But the payoff and rewards for completing these tasks efficiently can be tremendous.” - Brian Tracy

“There is an old saying that "by the yard it's hard; but inch by inch, anything's a cinch!” - Brian Tracy

It takes time to build discipline and it takes time to build momentum.

Momentum takes time to build and can easily be lost with inaction.

You may not be able to get every single task done on your to do list every single day, but that doesn't matter, there's always time to eat the frog.

The task you don't want to do that matters is where your attention and effort should go first and foremost, the trivial and unimportant comes later.

What's Your Take On Prioritizing Your Hardest Task (Frog) First? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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