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The 2 Minute Rule – Banish Procrastination & Get Results!

2 Minutes Is Often All It Takes


You've probably got a to-do list a mile long, we all do at times.

If you look at the items you actually need to do, chances are you'll soon realize they're not difficult, taxing or particularly challenging in any way.... yet we procrastinate and let them accumulate.

The 2 minute rule was designed to stop your procrastination and stop these never-ending lists of tasks from accumulating.

It's safe to say most of these tasks, from sending an email, taking out the trash, ordering more protein or calling a family member could be done and dusted within 2 minutes.

What Is The 2 Minute Rule?

The 2 minute rule, which I originally discovered from the book GTD: Getting Things Done (if you're into productivity and time management and haven't read this book you're missing out!) is a rule of two parts:

Part 1: If a task can be accomplished within 2 minutes do not delay, do it now

Quite often it takes just as long to add an item to our calendar or our to-do list then it does to actually do the damn thing immediately. Provided you're not working on a life or death situation - when a job or task arrives that takes 2 minute or less to complete you do it immediately.

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Part 2: When a new habit is implemented you should be able to complete it within 2 minutes

Implementing new habits takes time, the easiest and most managable way to ensure a habit is followed is to make it short and effective. A new habit should not take half an hour to complete. Writing down your goals each day, flossing your teeth, performing power poses... these are all positive habits which can assist in taking your life and happiness to the next level and these can, without a doubt be accomplished within 2 minutes.

We build our way up...

Instead of immediately implementing a full hour of callisthenics into your morning regime when you've never had a morning workout regime before just remember the 2 minute rule and start small.

2 minutes of power poses.

Get it locked in, then scale up from there, this way you'll build confidence in your abilities and momentum behind your actions - you'll be setting yourself up for success.

Implementing The 2 Minute Rule (Including Examples)

Objects that are in motion stay in motion, Sir Isaac Newton taught us.

The 2 minute rule is the perfect momentum builder, once you get started the rest will take care of itself.

Start completing those short little tasks that nobody wants to do immediately and start implementing quick, effective 2 minute habits into your daily routine.

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Once these have been mastered we can begin to scale into larger, more grandiose goals and tasks.

The 2 minute rule also ties in with larger tasks which you may not want to do... for example:

Going to the gym

There's no workout that can produce results in 2 minutes, however the majority of the procrastination when it comes to going to the gym is the actual act of getting ready and putting yourself into the environment.

It takes less than 2 minutes to put on your gym shoes and training gear, once you're dressed for the gym you're already on your way - without a doubt getting ready and getting to the car is the part we most often delay... get this done and the rest will take care of itself.

Writing an article

Writers block is all too real.

Writing is hard, but the hardest part is sitting down with pad and pen to actually ink the first few words. The rest takes care of itself, once you're in motion.

It takes less than 2 minutes to sit down and write the first line. When it comes time to write an article or part of a book you're working on just put in the 2 minutes and get one sentence done... you'll soon see that magic begins to happen as you continue to work, you just have to take 2 minutes to get started.

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Now It's Your Turn!

It's your turn. The next time a task pops up that would only take 2 minutes or less to complete don't delay, do it now.

What's Your Take On The 2 Minute Rule For Better Time Management? Let Me Know In The Comments Below

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Scott J.
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