SJ’s Books

All of my books are available in Kindle format, paperback and audiobook! Check them out along with the corresponding links below.

All of my books are available in Kindle eBook, Paperback & Audiobook form.

Get Big 'N' Strong Regardless Of How Skinny You Are

Amazon #1 Men's Health Best Seller

From 135lbs to 200lbs. Bony To Bulky shares the exact techniques and principles I used to transform my physique from a slender, skinny and bony 135lbs to a muscular, lean 200lbs. No special supplements, no excuses about genetics, just battle-tested proven techniques that ANYONE can use to get the same results... regardless of how skinny you may be.

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Get Ripped To Shreds!

Amazon #1 Men's Health Best Seller

F.U. Fat is without a doubt the only resource you'll EVER need to burn fat and understand how to actually get shredded. I guarantee it.
This techniques I share with you in this book all worked for me and are backed by scientific studies - there's no bland diets or endless cardio regimes here... just efficient, proven methods to get you ripped to shreds.

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Habits To Kick Ass & Get What You Want Out Of Life

Lion_cover_REVISEDBecoming A Lion Among Sheep delves into the power of habit stacking and reveals the 56 habits I implemented to take my life to the next level in terms of my physique, finances and friendships.
All of the habits and actions I share with you in Becoming A Lion Among Sheep are completely implementable by you, the reader.If you want to make more money, build more muscle, get more discipline, lead a healthier life or anything along those lines then this book is an absolute must read.

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Loaded With Easy, High Protein Smoothie Recipes!

proteinshakerecipesProtein Shake Recipes is just that, SJ's premiere recipe book containing 100 (one hundred!) protein shake recipes.
These shakes are not only delicious, but will also provide you with the macronutrients and minerals required pre and post workout.

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