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What Is It That Makes A Champion?

What Is It That Makes A Champion?

What is it that makes a champion?

It's about balance.

Life is about balance.

It's about remaining humble, yet surpremely confidence.

It's having a calm agression.

It's being well rounded as a fighter and as a man.

It's finding an equilibrium in all facets of life.

A champion is a master of the balancing act, and you either have it or you don't.

What makes a champion?


The ability to block out the noise.

To keep your emotions at bay.

It's consistency.


It's preparation and poise.

It's setting a goal, creating a plan and pursuing it.

Every single day.

What makes a champion?


The stubborness to succeed.

An obsession to be great.

The tenacity needed to overcome those who oppose you.

An undeniable will inside yourself to be something more.

And at the end of the war, basking in glory.

What makes a champion?


Physical, mental and emotional toughness.

It's a mindset.

It's a physical state of being.

It's forged by struggle and hardened by time.

It's embracing the pain and trusting the process.

It's sacrificing everything in the pursuit of greatness

And then...

Achieving it.

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Scott J.
Scott J.
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